Guest Speaker: Tyiesha Jones, Owner Pulse Check 101

Tyiesha V. Jones is Owner, Lead Instructor of Pulse Check 101. They are a mobile CPR & First Aid training company, providing on-site emergen-cy response courses to professionals, businesses, community members and private families. They service the entire SF Bay Area. Their classes are affordable, engaging and convenient. They offer classes on-site, online, day or night.

What is CPR? Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency proce-dure applied to someone whose heart has stopped beating. It involves timed compressions on the chest to massage the heart while blowing air into the lungs to aid in breathing. Proper training is needed before any-one can administer CPR. Performing CPR can make sure that the brain receives a small supply of oxygen and blood until proper medical help arrives. CPR can prevent damage caused by a lack of oxygen and blood. Without this life-saving procedure, a person suffering from cardiac arrest might die within 8-10 minutes.

Safety is a top priority in every workplace. Companies invest millions of dollars in ensuring that the working environment is conducive to every-one’s health and well-being. However, the most obvious health hazards are those that don’t involve heavy equipment and natural disasters.
Stress is a prevalent problem among employees in the workplace. It can lead to numerous health issues including sudden cardiac arrests. In the United States alone, almost 326,000 cases of cardiac arrest happen out-side hospitals. Only 8% percent survive when given quick and proper treatment.

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