Recently, a Cleveland man claimed that his Apple watch saved his life. Ken Counihan, a native of Cleveland, reportedly recorded health information, such as sleep and exercise, with his Apple watch, like many other individuals. His Apple watch warned him in October that his breathing rate had increased from 14 to approximately 18 breaths per minute.

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After having an X-ray at an outpatient center, he was given bronchitis medication, mistaking his condition for a slight illness.

Despite this, he chose to go to the emergency room after his watch alerted him once more that something was amiss and his blood oxygen levels had dropped. As Counihan's blood oxygen levels decreased to the mid-80s, he had more scans, which this time revealed blood clots surrounding his lungs. Blood clots, according to Dr. Lucy Franjic, an emergency medical physician at Cleveland Clinic, can become life-threatening if not detected early.

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Ken Counihan stated, about this condition, that the doctor advised him that he might not have awoken the next morning if he had gone to bed instead. But, this is not the first time that an Apple watch has saved a customer's life. Previously, tech journalist Torav stvang credited his Apple Watch Series 4 with preventing him from requiring surgery when he fainted and fell face-first on the restroom floor.

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