This Yoga Day, give someone you love a tech upgrade in order for them to take care of their health and wellbeing. A smartwatch as a gift can led to the start of a new journey towards healthy living. These 5 premium smartwatches can be the really helpful, even for beginners.

Apple Watch: Renowned for its fitness tracking and wellness capabilities, the Apple Watch series is a popular choice. With various yoga-related apps, heart rate monitoring, and breathing exercises, it offers a comprehensive health and fitness ecosystem. You can find this smartwatch on Vijay Sales.

PLAYFIT CHAMP 2: With a 1.69" Full Touch TFT Display, 24x7 Heart Rate & SpO2 Monitoring, and a playtime of up to 5 days, the PLAYFIT CHAMP 2 is an ideal blend of style, performance, and comfort for yoga sessions. It also boasts IP68 Dust and Water Resistance and offers several training modes.

Fitbit Versa 3: Fitbit smartwatches are known for their accurate fitness tracking capabilities, and the Versa 3 is no exception. It includes built-in yoga tracking modes, heart rate monitoring, and guided breathing exercises. Additionally, it provides sleep tracking, allowing you to monitor your rest and recovery.

Garmin Venu: The Garmin Venu series combines fitness tracking with advanced health features. It offers built-in yoga activity profiles, heart rate monitoring, stress tracking, and relaxation exercises. The vibrant AMOLED display enables detailed yoga metrics and workouts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: The Samsung Galaxy Watch series provides a range of features for yoga practitioners. It includes fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and stress tracking. Moreover, it offers guided breathing exercises and mindfulness apps to enhance relaxation and focus during yoga sessions.

When choosing a smartwatch for yoga, consider the features that matter the most to you, such as accurate heart rate monitoring, dedicated yoga tracking modes, guided breathing exercises, and compatibility with your smartphone or preferred apps. Additionally, pay attention to the design, battery life, and overall user experience to ensure it aligns with your needs and preferences.

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