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I’ve been working on a Breathing Style of my own: hyperventilation.

I can use it during all sorts of situations! When I get excited thinking about the Barbie movie, I hyperventilate! When I freak out about the state of American politics, I hyperventilate! When they run out of almond milk at the grocery store, you can bet I hyperventilate!

Unlike the Demon Slayers’ Breathing Techniques, the only thing my hyperventilation is good for is getting lightheaded and passing out. But when life get’s overwhelming, it’s nice to be able to force yourself into taking a nap through self-administered oxygen deprivation!

That wouldn’t work for the Demon Slayers though. If they pass out in battle with a demon … they die! Good thing I’m not a Demon Slayer Corps member! Cause I’d be dead already! But what kind of Breathing Techniques are useful against the demonic hordes, you ask? I’d be happy to tell you! So happy that I’m gonna hee-HOOH-hee-HOOH-hee-HOOH-hee-HOOH PASS OUT.

Water Breathing

Water Breathing is the first Breathing Technique that Tanjiro learns, though it has been perfected by the Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka. Or really it was perfected by fish. Water Breathing techniques allow the user to move gracefully as a summer stream! Its fluid and flexible movements enhance speed and allow for swift, precise strikes!

Stone Breathing

This technique is used by Gyomei Himejima, the strongest and most emotional Hashira! Stone breathing allows the user to employ earth-shattering techniques against foes. Its forms use powerful strikes to crush foes to smithereens. When paired with a heavy weapon, Stone Breathing is nigh on unstoppable!

Thunder Breathing

If you thought Water Breathing was fast, then Thunder Breathing is about to give you a shock (tee hee). Thunder Breathing is used by Zenitsu Agatsuma, and allows the user to deliver quick, single-stroke slashes at quite literally lightning speed. It works best as a precise strike against a single target.

Beast Breathing

Inosuke Hashibira developed this technique while growing up in the mountain wilderness! Beast breathing enhances one’s strength and speed to that of a mighty beast. It also gives the user heightened senses! Beast breathing also makes a user’s attacks wild and unpredictable. Who can know the mind of a beast?

Flame Breathing

This technique was developed directly from the first ever Breathing Technique: Sun Breathing (we’ll get to it later). Flame Breathing, used by the late Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, specializes in powerful single-strike attacks that quite literally burn through an opponent’s defenses! It’s a “decapitate in one strike” kind of technique!

Insect Breathing

Developed by Shinobu Kocho, Insect Breathing mirrors the lightening quick and erratic movements of weird lil’ bugs! The techniques involve making a series of fast and shallow cuts that, when paired with a sword laced in toxins, allow for the user to slowly poison foes. The poison is developed from wisteria flowers, which are lethal to demons, and is injected using a needle-like sword.

Serpent Breathing

Animals are just so inspiring! Even the creepy ones! Serpent Breathing was developed by Obunai Iguro, the Serpent Hashira. It mimics the flexible and fast strikes of a slithering snake! The technique can only be used in conjunction with a twisty-looking sword used by Iguro that is able to change shape based on the attack being used. The indirect attacks are meant to confuse and confound foes—and it works well!

Flower Breathing

Flower Breathing is a Breathing Style descended from Water Breathing that mimics … flowers and fruits? It is used by both Kanae Kocho and Kanao Tsuyuri. The technique specializes in agile, multi-pronged attacks, like all the petals of a beautiful flower striking in a series! The style also enhances one’s vision, but if used too often, it can cause the user to slowly lose their sight.

Mist Breathing

Muchiro Tokito uses an obscure style known as Mist Breathing, which allows the user to perform confusing movements in order to disorient a target, much like a cloud of mist! Muchiro Tokito also uses baggy clothing in conjunction with this technique in order to better conceal the movements of his limbs. How clever!

Love Breathing

A former user of Flame Breathing, the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji developed this technique in order to better suit her unique body composition. The movements of Love Breathing prioritize acrobatics and flexibility. When paired with Mitsuri’s whip-like sword and her gymnast-like body, the style allows the user to perform flexible attacks from many different directions.

Sound Breathing

Developed from Thunder Breathing, Sound Breathing allows user Tengen Uzui to mimic the disorientating effect of loud noises with his movements. Many of his sword techniques are used in conjunction with explosives, which further debilitate his targets. His technique also grants him the ability to “hear” the “musical score” of a battle, allowing him to read opponents’ movements like a piece of music.

Wind Breathing

Wait … isn’t this just regular breathing? Not quite. Wind Breathing mimics tornados and whirlwinds to allow the user to unleash devastating offensive movements. Many of the techniques require the user to move in rotation, allowing them to gain speed and power behind strikes. The technique is primarily used by the Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa.

Moon Breathing

Moon Breathing is the only Breathing Technique in the series that was developed BY A DEMON. Well, he created it when he was still a human, but perfected it after becoming a monster. Michikatsu Tsugikuni, twin brother of the great Yoriichi Tsugikuni attempted to learn his brother’s Sun Breathing technique, but came up with this technique instead. Moon Breathing employs the traditional, crescent-moon-shaped slashes of traditional Japanese swordplay. When paired with Kokushibo’s (formerly Michikatsu) blood demon art, he is able to manifest powerful crescent-shaped energy slashes that cut foes to ribbons.

Sun Breathing

The grandfather of all Breathing Techniques, Sun Breathing was created by the greatest Demon Slayer to ever live: Yoriichi Tsugikuni. The Breathing Style is the direct antithesis of demons, as demons are vulnerable to sunlight above all else. Sun Breathing is a flexible technique with no set forms and allows the user to move freely without ever tiring. Its lack of strict form makes it effective in all combat situations, making it the most superior Breathing Technique of all.

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