If you suspect that someone has alcohol poisoning, it's essential to seek medical attention immediately, as prompt treatment can help to prevent serious complications and save lives. Some steps you can take to help someone with alcohol poisoning include calling your local emergency services and being prepared to provide as many details as you can about the person's symptoms and condition, such as their weight, age, and number, type, and amount of alcoholic beverages consumed, as explained by MedlinePlus. The site also recommends staying with the person to make sure they don't fall, choke, or hurt themselves.

Additionally, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism suggests keeping the person in an upright position on the ground instead of sitting in a chair or lying in a bed. But, if they happen to be lying down and they start throwing up, be sure to roll them to the side to keep them from choking. Similarly, help them lean forward if they're sick while seated. Lastly, the NHS instructs to keep the person warm by covering them with a blanket or sweater to prevent hypothermia or extremely low body temperature. 

Ultimately, remember that any additional information you can provide can make a huge difference in the outcome. So, be honest with medical professionals if the person has consumed other substances besides alcohol, and tell them what substances were consumed, as this can affect the course of treatment.

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