You will not let the opportunities that present themselves pass you by. Sagacity and drive will lead you to break with old patterns.

Love: A person who has power over you can suddenly intervene in your love life and make things easier for you today.

Wealth: A new business will be presented to you at the least expected moment, take advantage of it. New ranges of possibilities open up for you.

Well-being: Some ailments can be psychosomatic. Relaxation exercises, yoga, breathing exercises and/or swimming will benefit you.

Sagittarius Characteristics

It is the ninth zodiac sign and symbolizes higher consciousness. He is represented by the archer’s arrow. He belongs, along with Aries and Leo, to the fire element. Its ruling planet is Jupiter and its opposite and complementary sign is Gemini.

Sagittarians are intellectual, honest, sincere and likeable. They are characterized by being optimistic and modest. They are intuitive people and can be good organizers and managers of new projects.

Element: FireModality: MutablePolarity: Masculine (Yang)Ruling planet: JupiterHouse: 9Metal: PewterStone: Topaz, JadeColor: Purple, lilac, purpleConstellation: Sagittarius

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