If you were wondering about Ralphie, the adorable, 26-pound “fire-breathing demon” dog, we’re happy to report that the shelter pup is still available for adoption and seeking a loving family. 

However, the Niagara SPCA in New York, who shared a viral post detailing all of Ralphie’s “less than desirable traits” is warning the public that this cute pup is not for the weak of heart.

In Ralphie’s latest training session, shared by the shelter with hopes of crowd-sourcing an answer for his aggression, the pup could be seen aggressively leaping at a shelter staff member's fingers as they try to enter his kennel to retrieve a toy.

“He’s not just jumping here,” a Facebook post clarified. “He’s trying to bite their fingers as they unlatch the kennel. Their hesitation (due to fear for their fingers) is a signal to him that he's controlling this situation.”

Ralphie does have a history of biting, though the shelter says they’re not sure of “the circumstances because his first owner won’t return our phone calls.”

The excitement over Ralphie started last week, when the shelter shared an honest post about the pup in their care.

“Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package,” the post read. “The ideal home for Ralphie is the Mother of Dragons, or an adult home free of other animals, with an owner who will lead him calmly and sternly.”

The post explained some of the other homes Ralphie had been in, and why those attempts at permanent placements failed.

“Serious inquiries only.  No, we will not make exceptions. No takesy backsies (kidding, obviously),” the post read.

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