As the smart ring sector becomes increasingly populated, a new challenger steps into the ring: the Circular Ring Slim. It’s touted as the thinnest and lightest smart ring around.

This is the brainchild of French-based Circular XYZ. A company that entered the wearable tech space not through giant tech expos, but via Kickstarter, where it garnered significant support for its initial offering, the Circular Ring. That was back in 2020. This initial smart ring focused on essential health tracking in a less obtrusive design, differentiating itself from bulkier wearables that were around at the time. The project development did run into delays but the company ultimately delivered on their promises.

This has set the stage for the development of their next product, the Circular Ring Slim.

Introducing the Circular Ring Slim

This new product is not going throught the crowdfunding route, though. Instead, it is already available on the company’s website.

The hint is in the name – Circular Ring Slim. The device is a step beyond its predecessor, being remarkably thin at 2.2 mm and incredibly light at 2 grams. The ring’s design philosophy seems to be centered around ‘less is more,’ evident in its minimalist aesthetic and unobtrusive presence on the finger.

Circular Ring Slim

This gadget isn’t just about looks though. It’s packed with features that make it a powerhouse in a tiny package. For starters, it’s the first in its class to boast haptic navigation and alerts, offering a more intuitive and interactive experience. It’s not easy to fit a vibration motor into something this size – which is precisely why you will struggle to find another smart ring with this feature.

Circular Ring Slim works in synergy with Kira+, Circular’s AI wellness assistant, continuously monitoring 7 biometrics and 142 derived markers. Think of it as a 24/7 health and wellness tracker discreetly sitting on your finger, capturing everything from your daytime activity and heart rate to your nighttime sleep quality and circadian rhythms.

Under the hood, its advanced sensors, including a three-axis accelerometer and PPG sensors, work tirelessly. Yet its presence is hardly noticeable, be it in a business meeting or during a workout session. The ring’s ability to track temperature variations during sleep, combined with other health metrics, offers a comprehensive view of your wellbeing, subtly nudging you towards healthier lifestyle choices.

Pricing and availability

The Circular Ring Slim hits the market today with a pre-order price of £199. Following its release on December 15th, this will adjust to £225. You can find more info on

We will be looking to post a detailed hands-on review of the ring in the weeks ahead. So keep an eye out for that. This certainly sounds like an interesting package. Its a device that offers the features of its opponents but in a more discreet design and with some extras such as the vibration alerts.

Circular Ring Slim – technical specs




2.2 mm


2 grams

Sensor Types

Three-axis accelerometer, surface temperature sensor, advanced PPG sensors (green, red, infrared LEDs)

Health Metrics Tracked

Heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, heart rate variability, activity, sleep quality, REM cycles, sleep disturbances, calories burned, energy levels, circadian rhythm

Biometrics Assessed

7 biometrics and 142 derived markers

Battery Life

6 days

On-Board Memory

20 days

Data Collection Frequency

Every 2 minutes


Mat black titanium

Haptic Features

Haptic navigation and feedback, Smart Alarm Clock, Medication Reminders, Guided Breathing Exercises

AI Assistant

Kira+ (AI-powered conversational health and wellness assistant)

App Compatibility

Circular app, compatible with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit

Additional Features

Gamification strategies, Circular Coin program, compatibility with various health apps


Pre-order from November 15th, 2023; ships on December 15th, 2023


Pre-order: £199; Post-launch: £225

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