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The future of wearable technology: The 5 best smart rings for men and women in 2023

The smart ring industry blends technology and style to provide customers with practical and fashionable accessories for contemporary living. You may find the top 5 smart rings on our list, each chosen for its unique characteristics that cater to different demands and interests. Smart rings have evolved as a subset of the broader trend of self-tracking technology as it continues to miniaturize and become more energy-efficient.

1. Oura: The Oura smart ring boasts a bevy of functions and is renowned for its award-winning design. These include assessing blood oxygen levels, rest mode, sleep, and readiness scores, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and post-workout insight assessments.

2. Circular: The smart ring from Circular combines simplicity and design while offering a variety of health-tracking capabilities, including monitoring of heart rate, breathing patterns, and blood oxygen levels. This smart ring is designed for those who place a high priority on leading healthy lifestyles and is further enhanced with assisted breathing and sleep-tracking features.

3. Femometer: The Femometer smart ring has the potential to reveal where you are in your menstrual cycle by accumulating your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) measurements for precise fertility insights throughout the night. It’s crucial to remember, though, that different women may have different levels of success utilizing BBT results to monitor fertility.

4. SLEEPON: The Go2sleep smart ring from SLEEPON can be the best option for you if tracking your sleep statistics and patterns is your top priority rather than only focusing on activity measures. Go2sleep goes above and beyond the typical sleep tracker thanks to its heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring features. The minute-by-minute sleep reports provided by this smart ring can actually be exported for additional research.

5. RingConn: RingConn offers a wide range of features and functionalities, just like the smart ring alternatives in our collection. Along with monitoring your fitness progress, including calories burned and steps taken, it also analyzes your sleep patterns and quality, keeps an eye on your stress level, and records your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation throughout the day.

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