Fans of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba would be rather intrigued about what their favorite characters would be like as wizards. The breathing techniques in Demon Slayer can be compared to the spells and magic of Harry Potter. Some Demon Slayer characters have the potential to make great witches or wizards.

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Some Demon Slayer characters would thrive in the world of Harry Potter, but others would be better off remaining as demon slayers. Some would rely more on their skills and knowledge, while others would resort to using brute strength.

10 Inosuke Is The Beast Of Demon Slayer

Inosuke is a highly skilled member of the Demon Slayers — he even created his own breathing style. Inoskue's skills rely more on physical strength rather than his breathing technique. Inoskue's brash and eager-to-fight personality, as well as his bravery and loyalty, would easily have him sorted into Gryffindor in the Harry Potter universe.

Inoskue's skills transfer well to classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dueling, and Transfiguration. Since his breathing technique relies on strength, Inoskue would lack the magical capabilities to make him a great wizard. Maybe Inoskue would be better off as a demon slayer.

9 Zenitsu Is The Crybaby Thunder God

Even though Zenitsu is a skilled demon slayer, it's possible he wouldn't make a great wizard. Zenitsu was only able to learn one of the six Thunder Breathing forms. This gives the impression that Zenitsu would struggle heavily while attempting to learn new spells in the Wizarding World.

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However, Zenitsu is quite skilled at strengthening the impact of a singular spell. Additionally, he is able to create a new form. This shows that Zenitsu has a lot of untapped potential. Zenitsu might be a great wizard; he would fit right into the Harry Potter universe.

8 Akaza Relies On Strength

As the Upper Moon 3, Akaza is a demon who relies heavily on physical strength. Because of this reliance, Akaza would make a rather weak wizard. However, Akaza's Blood Demon Art would make a strong impact in the Wizarding World.

Akaza's strength and speed would make him an excellent Quidditch player in the Harry Potter universe. While Akaza may not be the best at learning new techniques, his physical strength would make him excellent on the front lines of any wizarding war — though he might not be fighting for Light.

7 Doma Is The Pretty Ice Demon

The Upper Moon 2, Doma, would be a skilled and formidable wizard in Harry Potter. His unique Blood Demon Art gives him the ability to control and manipulate ice in a variety of ways. However, his apathetic and sadistic nature would push him toward the Dark Arts.

Doma would make a formidable opponent to any experienced witch or wizard. He first appears kind and friendly, only to turn around and attack. Witches would especially be at risk since Doma prefers to prey exclusively upon females in Demon Slayer.

6 Mitsuri Is A Love-Struck Hashira

Mitsuri is the creator of Love Breathing and is considered to be one of the most skilled Hashira in Demon Slayer. Mitsuri's breathing technique gives her amazing potential to be a strong witch. Her kindhearted nature, as well as her fearsome skills and abilities, would make her a fine professor, much like Professor McGonagall.

Mitsuri's major flaw, however, would be her childlike personality. While this trait would serve her well in aiding students with practicing their spells, it could be seen as Mitsuri being immature and not taking situations seriously. This has the potential to cause conflict among the more experienced and serious wizards and witches of Harry Potter, especially during battles.

5 Giyu Is A Water Edgelord

While much isn't really known about Giyu at the beginning of Demon Slayer, his skills and cool nature would make him a decent wizard in Harry Potter. However, Giyu would be a better Hogwarts professor more so than an average wizard or student.

Giyu's commitment to protecting Tanjiro while acting as a mentor or as an older brother to Tanjiro, just screams "Hogwarts Professor." Giyu creating a new form of Water Breathing shows his skills and abilities to adapt when needed.

4 Kanao Is A Gentle & Kind Flower

Kanao is the Tsugoku to Shinobu and is highly skilled in the way of Flower Breathing. At the beginning of Demon Slayer, Kanao has a hard time making decisions on her own without flipping a coin, but she slowly develops over time and begins to make her own choices. Tanjiro boosts her confidence and tells Kanao to follow her heart.

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Kanao's personality is similar to Luna Lovegood's, but her skills and knowledge are equal to that of Hermione. Kanao's skill with her breathing technique would make her an amazing witch in the Wizarding World. Kanao has amazing potential to be a top witch at Hogwarts.

3 Nezuko Is A Kindhearted Demon

Though Nezuko doesn't rely on a breathing technique, her unique Blood Demon Art would make her a rather skilled witch. With a Blood Demon Art that harms demons and enemies and expels demonic poison from normal humans, Nezuko would make a decent healer in the Harry Potter universe.

Nezuko's major weakness, however, is that while other Blood Demon Arts have a variety of different attacks, Nezuko's Blood Demon Art only seems to have one or two. While Nezuko wouldn't be that strong against other witches and wizards, her ability to fight the mythical beings of the Wizarding World gives Nezuko the potential to be a strong asset.

2 Tanjiro Is The Hero Of Demon Slayer

Tanjiro is the main character of Demon Slayer and one of the anime's strongest characters. Tanjiro would be one of the strongest wizards in the Wizarding World. His ability to use two breathing techniques gives Tanjiro a strong capability to learn a variety of spells rather easily.

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Tanjiro's compassion towards others and his willingness to help his friends, while also trying to perfect his skills, give Tanjiro a personality similar to either Harry Potter or Cedric Diggery. Tanjiro's sole weakness, however, is that it's possible his compassion toward his enemies may be a liability, especially in a world when an incantation can kill the victim in a second.

1 Shinobu Is The Deadly Butterfly

Shinobu may be among the weakest Hashira, but that doesn't mean she would be the weakest wizard. On the contrary, Shinobu would be one of the strongest witches in the Wizarding World. Shinobu's skills in creating both poisons to slay demons and a variety of cures for demon poisons would make her an excellent herbology witch, much like Professor Sprout or Madame Pomfrey.

Whereas other demon slayers like Tanjiro, Sanami, and Inoskue rely heavily on physical skills, Shinobu had to create a different form for slaying demons that didn't rely so heavily on physical strength and skill. Shinobu's breathing style relies more on speed and strategic planning. This adjustment gives Shinobu a personality and skill set similar to Hermione, someone who is eager to learn and experiment.

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