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Find out which medicines have a discount at Fraccion Pharmacy if you choose to pay with a BancoEstado card.

© JAVIER TORRES/ATON CHILEFind out more about discounted medicines at BancoEstado.

The pharmacy fraction Together with BancoEstado they have launched a campaign that allows you to buy a significant amount of medicines at half price, provided the purchase is paid for with a RUT account or another account at the bank.

How do I buy cheap remedies? The discounts available when paying with Banco Estado

The process is simple. First go to the page and select yours Discount medicine and once you have paid, select that Payment method with RUT account (direct debit) or another from BancoEstado.

Yes, if you want this payment system You must enter the code “BEFRACCION” when choosing the drug.

On the other hand, you can visit some of their branches in Antonio Bellet 302 in Providencia, Rosario Norte 86 in Las Condes and Avenida Ossa 1,400 Local 5 in Ñuñoa.

Find out more about some of the discounted medications at BancoEstado

  1. stage 1 gx 28 suppositories (anti-inflammatory): $82,995 at BancoEstado.
  2. Xarelto 15 mg x 28 coated tablets (anticoagulant): $38,995 with BancoEstado.
  3. Victoza 6 mg/ml 1 Flexpen 3m (Diabetes): $38,495 with BancoEstado.
  4. Ursofalk 500 mg x 50 tablets (Gallstones): $33,945 with BancoEstado.
  5. Spiolto Respimat breathing solution x30 dose (asthma): $32,495 with BancoEstado.
  6. Janumet 50 mg / 500 mg x56 dragees (diabetes): $31,195 with BancoEstado.
  7. Xig Duo XR 5/1000 mg x56 coated extended-release tablets (diabetes): $23,545 with BancoEstado.
  8. Thirty-two 2.5/850 mg x 60 tablets (Diabetes): $23,495 with BancoEstado.
  9. We fell 0.5 mg x 50 capsules (transplanted): $22,845 with BancoEstado.
  10. Vytors 10/20 mg x28 tablets (cholesterol): $22,545 with BancoEstado.
  11. Seroquel 25 mg x 30 tablets (Anxiolytics/Antipsychotics): $22,345 with BancoEstado.
  12. Jardiance 25 mg x 30 tablets (diabetes): $21,495 with BancoEstado.
  13. Multiflora Plus x60 capsules (probiotic): $16,495 with BancoEstado.
  14. Ervast 10/10 mg x 30 tablets (cholesterol): $16,145 with BancoEstado.
  15. Insulatard HM insulin suspension for injection 100 U.1/ml x 10 ml (Diabetes): $15,545 with BancoEstado.
  16. Berodual HFA inhalation aerosol x200 cans (Asthma): $13,495 with BancoEstado.

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