As Denver continues to rank among the top cities for poor air quality, some people who live in Colorado are experiencing adverse effects of the wildfire smoke billowing from fires burning in Canada. Some of those include a sore or scratchy throat, dry and itchy eyes, difficulty breathing and a runny nose. 



Doctors say it's important to stay inside for those experiencing those symptoms. They said the longer you're exposed to the wildfire smoke, the worse it will make you feel. 

"Those small particles can get lodged deep in the lungs the longer you breathe it in, so for people with asthma it may trigger asthma attacks or people with heart disease can experience problems," said Dr. Connie Savor Price, Chief Medical Officer at Denver Health.   

The smoke will also impact certain populations more than others, including children, older adults, pregnant women and people living with asthma or other breathing issues.

Smoke from more than 200 wildfires burning across Canada is being blamed for turning skies hazy in several North American cities, including those in Colorado.   

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