The Australian flu arrived in Basilicata anticipating the forecasts also on a national basis, for which our region records a growth peak in confirmed cases linked to a classic symptomatology with breathing difficulties, cough, sore throat, cold, widespread physical malaise and joint (arthralgia) and muscle (myalgia) pain. In some cases, the presence of gastro-intestinal symptoms and/or conjunctivitis may also be highlighted. This was announced by the ASP in a note.

Asp Basilicata provides some useful advice to prevent the disease which, with Covid, is the second most widespread virus in the winter months. “The high presence of flu cases compared to previous years is linked – explains the general manager of D’Angola – to the limitations in social life that COVID has imposed, also and above all in the pediatric age and, in general, school age, and , therefore, to the reduced immunization resulting from the reduced circulation of the flu in the last two seasons.

Reason why vaccination is strongly recommended. In this regard, the Local Health Authority of Potenza has arranged in the last few hours for the continuation of the vaccination campaign until next January 31, in such a way as to allow the administration of the vaccine to those who have not yet done so. “Being vaccinated against the Australian flu – adds the ASP Director – is essential to prevent the disease while, for those who have already undergone inoculation and contract the virus, it helps to prevent the serious forms which then require hospitalization and consequent overload of services health care”.

As for the data, flu vaccination coverage in Basilicata is flattering, so much so that unlike the national trend, in the region an increase is recorded in the 2021-2022 vaccination campaign both in the over 65s (68.5%) and in the total population (22, 4%) compared to previous years. “Just for the over 65s – explains D’Angola – Basilicata has achieved important vaccination coverage indexes, placing itself as the second region in Italy after Umbria, therefore also positively certifying the performance of local health authorities”.

The ASP handbook looks at these festive days and therefore at the inevitable gatherings indoors and outdoors, at convivial family gatherings in which both pediatric and elderly groups are present. “The covid – concludes the Director of the Potenza Healthcare Company – has taught that any viral form can be prevented with physical distancing and with the use of the mask which must be used if you are particularly exposed or already have flu symptoms. To all this is added the inevitable personal hygiene which consists in disinfecting the hands often and well “.

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