Among the infinite uses that technology has, there is that of treasure memories. Words and images that will never come back. Proof of this was given by the journalist Jonathan Avenuewhich revealed the touching sound that his father and colleague, Mauro Viale, sent to his eldest son shortly before he died in the midst of the pandemic, in April 2021, after contracting covid-19.

Prima, who currently works as a television and radio host, recalled the bond with his father and the “irreplaceable conversations” they had. “I discussed politics a lot with my father. I miss the horrors that get together to talk I work and end up talking about Romeo, Rafi, Kirchnerism, football…”, he admitted.

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She also said they saw each other “every day” and described it as “a great father with me and my sister”, and “a fucking grandfatherpresent.” “He had a social sensibility and a connection to people, (that was) unique,” ​​she called it.

Indeed, he remarked, when his death occurred on Sunday April 11, 2021, after spending two days hospitalized in a Buenos Aires clinic with a diagnosis of positive for coronavirus“many people” thanked him for the help he had received from his father.

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Mauro Viale died on Sunday 11 April 2021. Catch TV
Mauro Viale died on Sunday 11 April 2021. Catch TV

Then he told how the hours before a hospitalization to which Mauro Viale refused. “Friday we didn’t talk to each other all day, and at night, on the air, my brother-in-law Alexis texts me and tells me to come home urgently because my father had a high fever. I told him he was on the vaccine and that he must be normal. When I arrive, I’ve never seen it diagonally across the bed and I couldn’t breathe,” he recalled.

“I told him he had to take the covid test because he wasn’t breathing well and He said ‘don’t fart, don’t piss me off, it’s the vaccine that gives me the fever’. My father was like that. She went to sleep like this and the test was done on Saturday morning and it came back positive, ”Jonatan Viale told his colleague María Julia Oliván, on the channel Youtube Border journalism.

And he added: “I returned home on Friday evening, but Ivanna (her sister), sensing something I don’t know what it is, stayed to sleep, and fell asleep in an armchair in the same room, wearing a mask, because we thought she had the covid My mother was in another room, all shit because we knew something was wrong but we didn’t know what. Finally he was covid, but we didn’t even know what was going to happen ”.

“He slept all the time, he had no strength. Saturday morning they wake me up and tell me the rapid test came back positive. They told us we had to hospitalize him and we convinced him together“, has indicated.

The moving dialogue between Mauro Viale and his nephew

Jonatan Viale’s story continues: “I spoke to him all Saturday and Sunday… I have all messages I listen to them quite often, it’s kind of torture, but that’s what I get.”

It was at that moment that he said that with his eldest son they had gone to leave some presents for Mauro. “A little doll, paper newspapers and a pen that had a ‘thing’ that it boxed”, he listed. And even then she made up her mind share the audios you keep as a keepsake on your mobile. And hit the play button.

Jonatan Viale with Mauro at the River stadium.
Jonatan Viale with Mauro at the River stadium.

“Have you seen the boxing face pen?” Romeo, then 4 years old, asked his grandfather.

The expert journalist, who had received the first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine two days before the positive diagnosis of that virus, in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic, responded with a tender voice message.

“It was a brilliant and beautiful idea. I’m going to force him to box all the time. What intelligence do you have? Thank you my love, this makes me very happy”were the last words that Mauro Viale dedicated to his nephew.

To complete the moment, Jonathan evaluated his father by exposing two of his characteristics. “He was a boxer, a fighter”, he assured.


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