Elevance Improves Maternal Health Outcomes at a Time of Crisis and Inequity

As maternal death rates rise for women of color, the Elevance Health Public Policy Institute reports improved outcomes for the health plan's value-based Medicaid interventions. ...

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Researcher: Paxlovid is 'Game Changer' in Treatment of COVID-19

Recent research on Paxlovid shows there is "solid data on its effectiveness," a co-author of the study told HealthLeaders. ...

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Nursing Groups Denounce AMA’s Effort to Regulate Advanced Practice RNs

'The AMA is again adopting policies encouraging laws and regulations that impede competition and help their bottom line.' ...

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Denials Management Once Again Strikes a Chord with Revenue Cycle Leaders

Revenue cycle leaders were asked to rank the most time-consuming tasks at their organization, and the results aren’t surprising. ...

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Perspective: Denials of Health Insurance Claims Are Rising — And Getting Weirder

Denials have become another predictable, miserable part of the patient experience. ...

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