"You come for the facts, but you stay for the speculation," commented family physician Chuck Vega, MD, referring to a recent interview with Patient Care on the 2023-2024 respiratory virus season, now about 1 month away.

He joined infectious disease specialist Bill Schaffner, MD, to offer opinions, persepctives, and yes, speculation, about what primary care clinician's might expect this fall and into the winter of 2024.

Schaffner says this is going to be a "transition year," with virus circulation potentially approaching pre-pandemic timing and with the first-ever respiratory syncytial virus for adults ready to deliver and a new COVID-19 monovalent booster scheduled to arrive in September. More in the conversation below.

William Schaffner, MD, is professor of infectious disease and preventive medicine in the Department of Health Policy, and professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, TN. Twitter: @NFIDvaccines

Charles Vega, MD is Health Sciences Clinical Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at the UC Irvine School of Medicine where he also serves as executive director for the UC Irvine Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community.

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