Army’s adopted remote village Chingam in the Kishtwar district of Jammu has become 100% vaccinated against Covid-19, said a defence spokesman on Saturday.

Chingam village has become the first one in the region to achieve 100% vaccination of people to include 12 to 14 year age category.

Kishtwar is the largest district of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, which includes a large number of remote locations with limited access to basic medical facilities.

With dedicated efforts of Indian Army, civil administration and public, remote Chingam village (adopted by Indian Army) has become a model village by achieving 100% COVID vaccination.

The challenges thrown by COVID-19 pandemic to such places necessitated attention in terms of medical support and awareness to the local populace. With proactive approach, necessary liaison and coordination was carried out by Indian Army with civil administration and local medical authorities to enhance the medical infrastructure and augmentation of efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

Village Chingam which is located 50 Km away from town of Kishtwar has been adopted by Indian Army with an aim to reduce the hardships of the people and ensure implementation of COVID-19 protocols thus saving precious lives and breaking the chain of corona virus.

A campaign was launched to spread awareness on protection against COVID-19. Continued awareness among the local population has resulted in Zero case of coronavirus.

This drive was highly appreciated by the locals and civil authorities, which was evident from the overwhelming response. The locals expressed their gratitude towards Army for this drive.

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