Every year when school starts, I remember some of the firsts from my school days.

My brothers and I would wait for the school bus, standing in birth order, like little steps. It had to have been quite a chore to get six kids up, fed and dressed before the bus came. But I am sure my mom relished the quiet house after we got on the bus. That first day of school was pretty exciting, for us kids and my mom.

I loved school even though I was a sickly child who missed many days. Mom would always get my missed assignments from the teachers and she made sure I kept up with my studies.

In many ways, Mom was my first teacher. She made sure I did my assignments and made sure there was reading material available at home. Perhaps that is why I love reading so much. It was one activity I could do that didn’t interfere with the difficult breathing from asthma attacks. Fortunately as I reached my teen years, the asthma attacks lessened and my school attendance increased.

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