31F…. 5’2”…. 158 lbs… Caucasian

Current treating issue: UTI.. Dosage: amox/clav 500-125 x7 days Only 1 full day completed

Current Concerns: severe nausea, stomach cramping (I think from diarrhea?) explosive diarrhea. FEAR of c.diff

A little less than a month ago (9/16-9/21) I was prescribed amox/clav 825-125 x5 days to kick out a sinus infection.. it didn’t do much because it ended up being severe ragweed allergies (either way I really only had mild diarrhea like 2x it was actually more soft serve poo than diarrhea:: and no nausea (I was also taking with carafate for a stomach ulcer)… yes my life has been truly

——-So! I’m pretty terrified of c.diff… also I’ve just been feeling yucky tired and headache and slight dizziness when waking up Am I taking this too close to the last dose? Is it normal to have a log of diarrhea (like I have to poop and have nothing in my stomach to give) UTI is like gone though———

*disclosure: from Oct 3- I don’t know I guess still today I have been also experiencing what I’m assuming is lamictal and klonopin withdrawal. On Sept 26 I was dropped down from 350 to 275 on lamictal (after 10 years) and from 1.5 mg to .5 mg on the klonopin (after 4 years) so I’ve been feeling sick with a headache, dizziness and complete lack of appetite with visual disturbance that seem less or gone since 4 days after changing the meds

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