I was on 37.5mg and after a few weeks I started having extremely good benefits and my anxiety and depression were 80% gone, my cognition was also amazing and my adhd symptoms were severely diminished and I could finally function.

After a while, the medication stopped working and so I increased my dose to 75mg, because I believe I had built a tolerance to the medication.

It's now been about 4 weeks on 75mg, and I feel terrible. This whole time I've not felt any benefits and I'm depressed and anxious af. I'm just hoping my brain adjusts and it will start working soon...

But I'm starting to lose hope, and the fact that it initially worked and I got to experience what it's like to be functional makes me very sad, because I want to reach that state of mind again.

I've tried all the ssri options and venlafaxine was the first to be right for my chemistry but it stopped working.

Do you think I'll adjust soon and it'll kick in? Or should I increase my dose further and see how that affects me?

peace to you all <3

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