Nasal congestion is a symptom that almost everyone experiences several times in their lives. This condition can be caused by various conditions or diseases and can prevent normal breathing. Faced with this situation, many people look for ways to unclog their noses because even though these symptoms are usually not serious, they can cause serious discomfort and reduce a person’s quality of life.

Effective and Natural Tips to Relieve a Congested Nose

One of the first measures to avoid nasal congestion is to keep the nasal mucosa hydrated, especially in areas or seasons with dry weather, and areas with high levels of pollution, this mucous membrane tends to dry out, become inflamed and stop working properly. To keep it clean and hydrated, you can use salt water or sea water once or twice a day. Another suggestion is to control the humidity in the house, and keep it between 40% and 60%, Prevent environmental dryness from affecting the nasal mucosa. To do this, it is recommended to grow plants in the living room and place containers with water on the radiators in the room.

On the other hand, once congestion occurs, it can be relieved by steaming. This involves inhaling water vapor, which can help expel nasal mucus, especially when combined with plants like eucalyptus, which have decongestant properties. Another option is onion, and while it doesn’t have a very pleasant smell, its composition makes it a very good mucolytic and nasal decongestant while helping with cough relief.

Also, one of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of mucus is to tilt the bed so that the head is higher than the feet.simply raise your legs 3 to 4 cm or use a double pillow.

Effective and natural solutions when nasal congestion is a symptom of sinusitis

Nasal congestion is caused by inflammation of the mucous membranes and an increase in retained mucus. The most common cause is rhinitis, especially a respiratory infection such as sinusitis, flu, or the common cold. Aside from complications, none of these conditions are particularly serious. despite this, A stuffy nose can be very annoying, When this condition persists for several days, it can negatively impact the patient’s quality of life.

Many times, this situation can be partially improved by the techniques above.However, when we suffer from acute or chronic sinusitis (lasting more than 3 months), we can turn to spray Natural nasal cavity, Nasodren®. This class II hygiene product is 100% natural and contains only cyclamen extract, It is formulated without preservatives or excipients. In addition, it has a dual mechanism of action that allows it to relieve all symptoms of sinusitis from the first application with no rebound effect.

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