Lakshmi, a native of Bengaluru didn’t mind her body weight until her body began showing signs of weakness. She realized that she couldn’t regain her health without working out and following a strict diet. However, Lakshmi couldn’t think of any strenuous workouts as she is asthmatic. That is when she decided to try yoga. To her surprise, yoga helped her not only in shedding her body weight but also cured her asthma attacks. When she started her weight loss journey, Lakshmi had weighed 71 kilos. But, in just three months, she was able to shed seven kilos and reached an ideal weight of 64 kilos.

Health issues
Lakshmi calls herself a severe asthmatic. The pollution and dust in Bengaluru didn’t help her condition. Lakshmi recalls how she used to struggle to draw breaths. Besides, she was suffering from extreme pain in the heels and also a condition called diasis recti. When her body weight crossed seventy kilos, she noticed that her general health was beginning to deteriorate. She understood that she had no cure without losing weight. However, she couldn’t try strenuous workouts or exercises as it would trigger her asthma. Even though she started practicing Zumba, she had to stop due to breathing problems. It was then that Lakshmi decided to give yoga a shot.

Just an experiment!
Even though Lakshmi had heard that yoga could cure many diseases including asthma, she joined a three-month-long online class, just as an experiment. Moreover, the online sessions were convenient. As she began doing the various asanas or postures, Lakshmi noticed that her breathing problems were getting better. Besides, she was incredibly impressed by the instructor who made sure to correct her postures instantly.

The days of mockery
As Lakshmi suffers from diasis recti, the midline of her abdomen was a bit bulged. After two deliveries, Lakshmi lost her confidence to wear designer outfits as they would project her tummy. She says that she had often been mocked by many, including her family members, for her body weight. Moreover, she was distressed she could no longer wear her favorite clothes.

Gaining confidence
Lakshmi started noticing changes in her body as soon as she began practising yoga. Her confidence returned and began feeling more cheerful. Most importantly, Lakshmi began appreciating herself. Now, she could easily control her emotions and anger issues. Moreover, she hasn’t experienced any bouts of asthma ever since she began practicing yoga. Lakshmi vows that she doesn’t feel pain in her heels anymore.

Her husband’s comment that she looked slimmer filled her with pride and joy. She was happy that real change could be seen in her body and mind. Her friends too appreciated her for her determination to work hard to shed weight. Meanwhile, Lakshmi is eagerly waiting to see the reactions of the family members who had mocked her for her body weight. 

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