ST. MARYS, W.Va. (WTAP) - Jaiden George was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis – a disease affecting mucus cells – when she was two weeks old.

Jaiden says this disease makes it difficult for her to do many necessary abilities.

“It’s really hard to go through cystic fibrosis. Because it means you can’t breathe that good. You can’t eat food that well,” George said.

Jaiden takes up to eight pills each day, along with breathing and airway clearance treatments.

Jaiden says the work put into getting her this care means the world to her.

“All the care that goes into getting all my medication makes my heart filled with joy,” George said.

Jaiden says she is especially thankful for the B.A.C.F. Game.

She says it makes her feel as if she has more support around her.

“It just makes me really happy that I actually get to attend the game,” George said. “Because before I knew that the games were a thing it was scary my first couple of years having C.F. But now that I know that people actually support me, it makes me feel not that much scared anymore.”

Jaiden says she wishes the best for other people who are battling cystic fibrosis.

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