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As per the latest updates reaching us this morning, new worrying details have just emerged about new cases of COVID-19 infections in the country. The ministry of health has been issued new measures, also, it has been confirmed that new cases of infections and people being admitted to the ICU have been reported. Some hospitals, like Kenyatta National Hospital, have already treated some of the patients and discharged them.

One of the patients who was admitted to the hospital has broken the silence and revealed some signs and symptoms that she experienced before it was confirmed that she was suffering from COVID 19. The said patient, who has been identified as Angela , has confirmed that she started with a loss of taste and smell before it turned into chest pain. I quote her statement from the source: " I don't know what happened. It started with the loss of taste and smell. Then severe chest pain. I went for tests, and I tested positive for COVID-19. After two days, it was severe. I couldn't breathe," she has confirmed.

This just emerged after it was revealed that some Kenyans had tested positive. If you are experiencing the said signs and symptoms, including chest pain, difficulty breathing, fever, and loss of taste and smell, you are being encouraged to isolate yourself and seek medical treatment. Isolating will help reduce the spread of the virus to your loved ones.

So far, some prominent leaders, including the president of Uganda, have tested positive for COVID-19 infections.

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