Clone XMG1.2 Isotype Rat IgG1κ Isotype Control Rat IgG1-PACBLU (KLH/G1-2-2) Specificity Mouse IFN-γ Alternative Names Interferon-γ, immune interferon, IIF, type II interferon, type 2 interferon, T interferon, T cell interferon, mitogen induced interferon, pH2-labile interferon, macrophage-activating factor, MAF Immunogen E. coli-expressed IFN-γ Conjugate PACBLU (Pacific Blue™) Buffer Formulation Phosphate buffered saline containing Clonality Monoclonal Concentration 0.5 mg/mL Volume 0.2 mL Recommended Storage 2-8°C; Avoid exposure to light Trademark Information Pacific Blue™ is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. or its subsidiaries Applications Flow Cytometry – Quality tested 9,12-16
ELISA-Detection – Quality tested 2-4,6,7
ELISA-Capture – Reported in literature 1,5
ELISpot-Detection – Reported in literature 6,8-11
Immunohistochemsitry-Frozen Sections – Reported in literature 7,17-22
Immunohistochemsitry-Paraffin Sections – Reported in literature 23
Immunocytochemistry – Reported in literature 3,24
Western Blot – Reported in literature 24
Neutralization – Reported in literature 1-3,25-27
Multiplex-Detection – Reported in literature 4 RRID Number AB_2794287 Gene ID 15978 (Mouse) Gene ID Symbol Ifng (Mouse) Gene ID Aliases IFN-g; Ifg UniProt ID P01580 (Mouse) UniProt Name IFNG_MOUSE (Mouse)

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