Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Yoga Prana Vidya (YVP) concluded a two-day free healing camp at a park in Press Complex area on Wednesday.

During the camp, people from all walks of life received healing energies. Some people had throat issues, and some suffered different body pain, but YPV energy healing could easily restore their health.

In the background, the resounding sound of Om created a serene environment in the park that attracted many people to the area.

YPV certified senior healer Vishakha Karnani said, "YPV healing works on the energy level." She added that it does not require a healer to touch or come in any kind of physical contact with the person.

"A person can heal from a disease and fight viruses like corona virus by self-healing capacity, and our vitality decides our capacity," Karnani said. 

A patient receiving the healing Subhash Soni said, "I don't have any major health issues, but I want to feel better." He added that sometimes I have knee pain, and healing energies always help. "I am positive, hopeful, and grateful to YPV," Soni said.

After the healing, all the patients were sent to practice forgiveness and breathing techniques.

Vishakha Karnani, YPV senior certified healer

Vishakha Karnani, YPV senior certified healer |

YPV senior certified healer Vishakha Karnani said, "We are holding free healing camps from September all over Indore in different areas. We have covered major areas so that people are able to learn and experience energy healing and how it can help them. Many people are running around doctors and fail to find a solution. We motivate them to learn and / or take healing."

Two-day annual spiritual retreat at Indore in August

On August 14 and August 15, YPV will host a spiritual retreat at Hotel Sheraton for Arhat yogis. The organisation teaches healing and higher meditation practices and prepares people to be Arhat yogis. Arhat Yoga is a pathway leading one to become paramhamsa. The retreat is an annual event and will be hosted in Indore this year. The idea is to generate good karma and positive energy. On August 15, the retreat is open for all yogis, followed by cultural programmes. The programmes will be local culture based. After 900 Arhat yogis do meditation for 1.5 days, we want to anchor the energy in Indore. YPV wants outsiders to join in and contribute towards bringing positive energies to Indore and the lives of people here. It can bring about a massive energy change and transform the city and surrounding areas.

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