Donald Trump Takes Aim at Prosecutors at NRA Convention: Mounting lawsuits and pending prosecutions against him gave former President Donald Trump plenty of political red meat and verbal ammunition to throw his audience at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Indianapolis on Friday.

It’s all about “get Trump,” he said.

“These people are sick. They are lunatics. This career criminal class cares nothing about gun laws,” Trump said before lambasting anti-gun Democrats claiming that only 3% of criminals in Chicago who committed a gun crime allegedly bought it at a store.

The majority of guns used in Chicago crimes are bought across the border in Indiana, and the city directly borders that state. 

Donald Trump Goes Wild at NRA Convention 

Trump complained about the “persecution” against him, saying prosecutors like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg let petty criminals off and “the only person they want to prosecute is Donald Trump.”

“They are trying to arrest their political opposition,” Trump said. “It’s very much like the old Soviet Union. They call it ‘Soviet style’ with the elections … They are interfering with the election, that’s what they are doing. 

Trump continued: “It’s going to be hard for them to get away with the kind of corruption they did with COVID, because COVID made things bad for a lot people, but they cheated, so now I think they are going the prosecutorial way.”

Trump Sees Success in His Legal Troubles 

Trump bragged his polling has improved since his indictment in Manhattan on business fraud charges related to the reporting of the payment to former porn star Stormy Daniels. He raked in millions in donations following the indictment. 

He connected New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit that aims to destroy his real-estate empire with her failed suit against the NRA that sought to break it up last year. 

“They are coming after me. They are coming after you, and I am just sort of in the way,” Trump said. “And everybody knows that it is because we are leading so big in the polls, not only against Republicans but also against Joe Biden.”

Who leads in the general election trial heat depends on the poll. A Rasmussen Reports poll had Trump edging out Biden by seven points, while a YouGov poll showed Biden beating Trump by two points. He then turned Democrat talking points about misinformation and disinformation on their head. 

“I am the one they want to run; that’s why they are coming after me so bad,” Trump said. “If they didn’t want me to run, they would be saying, ‘He’s the most perfect human being we have ever seen.’

Trump continued: “Instead, they put these radical Left crazy people in there. [Democrats] are the party of disinformation remember that. What they say you can usually go the opposite.”

He claimed using vulgarities that the Democrats had “5,000 prosecutors” after him and want to get him out of politics because they think can’t beat him regardless of what they say publicly to the contrary. 

Then Trump slammed the “Marxist” district attorney in Georgia who has him under investigation. He then slammed the double standard he sees in the Justice Department’s handling of classified documents.

“They are the party of misinformation or disinformation,” Trump said. “It’s no coincidence that the far-Left crazies are engaging in election interference on a historic scale.

Trump claimed that people outside of the U.S. are shocked at how he is being treated. 

“These Marxist prosecutors who release rapists and murderers while persecuting conservatives, on day one of my new administration I will direct the DoJ with a very strong leader not like Barr,” Trump said.

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