Proton Pure air purifiers are one of the most talked about air purifiers that are available in our market today.

This Proton Pure air purifier is a result of the combination of a well sought out design and an effective working principle.

Along with a guaranteed supply of fresh air in your home, it is also economical and pocket friendly.

But the thing is, there are different types and brands of air purifiers available on the market but what makes Proton Pure the best choice available? That is the question that we will be answering through this Proton Pure review. 

Proton Pure Reviews: Does It Reduce The Symptoms Of Asthma?

As multiple air purifiers are available for sale today, it is very important to make the right decision in choosing the one for your home.

And how do we do that? Apart from looking at the purifier from a surface level, you should have an in-depth understanding of its various aspects.

So, through this Proton Pure review, we will be looking into the different aspects of the purifier like its benefits, its working principle, different customer reviews, price details and so which will help you to understand Proton Pure air purifiers better and also to make a decision whether to buy the purifier or not.

So, make sure to read this Proton Pure review in order to make a sensible decision. 

Proton Pure Review
Product Name Proton Pure
Color White
Style Portable
Perfect For Use Indoors
Noise Levels 30 db
Benefits Reduce the symptoms of asthma
Reduce the chance of airborne diseases
Remove unpleasant odors from the house
Features Cleans from every angle
Can effectively remove up to 99.7% of Particulates
Maintain powerful airflow
Inbuilt battery
Filter-change indicator
Positives Simple to operate and use
Pure air with a simple touch
Easy to adjust airflow speed and timing
Simple and Compact design
Easily Portable
Minimum Energy needs
Battery Life 15,000mA internal battery
Money Back Guarantee 30 days
Price $149.95 
Availability Only on the official website
Official Website Click Here

What Is A Proton Pure Indoor Air Purifier?

Proton Pure is an indoor air purifier and is very effective in cleansing the air and removing even micro particles that are as small as 0.3 min from the air.

The Proton Pure product is good for any standard-sized room in your house and can be used in rooms that are as big as 350 sq. ft.

The Proton Pure air purifier can be used to clean from every possible angle as it works on a 360-degree air intake action. The filtration of air through Proton Pure device guarantees the removal of very minute and microscopic particles and protects you from different kinds of pollutants and thereby from different health issues too. 

One of the most striking features of the air purifier that sets it apart from most of the other models available in the market today is its three-step deep lean process. Proton Pure step-by-step process is equipped with three different types of filters that help to purify different types of impurities present in the air.

The mechanical filter, the True HEPA filter, and also the carbon filter make sure that the air that is circulated in your home or room is as clean as it can be.

Proton Pure indoor air purifier has a 1500mA internal battery, which means that the purifier does not need any additional battery and that it can function both corded and cordless.

Proton Pure portable purifier is manufactured in the United States and the makers of the purifier ensure that the whole process abides by the regulations laid out by different government agencies to ensure the quality of the products. 

Effective Features Of The Proton Pure 3-Step Technique

The design of the Proton Pure air purifier is a striking feature of the product. While the majority of purifiers demand a specific position for its effective and optimal rate of working, Proton Pure does not come with this demand due to its design.

The Proton Pure 3-step technology can clean the air in your room from every angle as it is equipped with a 360-degree air intake action. So, no matter the position the purifier is placed, the efficiency of the purifier in cleaning the air will always be maximum.

  • Can effectively remove up to 99.7% of Particulates

Proton Pure works based on a three-step air purification process which makes sure that it removes as much as 99.7% of the impurities and particulates that are present in the air in the room.

The Proton Pure 3-step technology achieves this due to its distinguishing three-step filtration. The air is passed through a mechanical filter, a True HEPA filter, and also a carbon filter that removes different kinds of components present in the air, thereby giving out air that is free of around 99.7% particles.  

  • Maintain powerful airflow

Proton Pure air purifier can be used in any standard-sized room in your house. The purifier is very effective in cleansing and pumping the air in rooms that range from area 250-350 sq. ft and it ensures that there is a strong flow of clean air through your rooms in the house. 

Proton Pure air purifier does not need an additional battery as the purifier is equipped with a 1500mA battery. The Proton Pure battery is powerful enough to last for 7 hours and it can be recharged easily once the charge runs low. Also, as it comes with an inbuilt battery, the purifier can work both corded and cordless according to your convenience. 

As the cleaning process goes on, you will be required to change the filter inside the purifier. But how will you know that it is time to do that? That is where the filter change indicator comes in to help. When your Proton Pure air purifier is in need of a filter change, the filter change indicator on the control panel will light up, signaling that it’s time for a change of filters. 

Proton Pure Advantages

  • Simple to operate and use

The steps and procedures to use Proton Pure indoor air purifiers are very simple. The Proton Pure design and the 360-degree air intake action of the purifier make it convenient for you to place it anywhere in the room.

After placing it in a convenient position, simply connect it to a power source and Proton Pure is ready to work wonders. The Proton Pure air purifier can be used in any regular-sized room like a bedroom, kitchen living area, or any sort according to your needs. 

  • Pure air with a simple touch

The controls of the Proton Pure portable purifier are easy to operate as it is equipped with touchscreen technology. Along with the ease of operation, the purifier also has indicators to signal the correct time to change the filters, making it easier for you to maintain the effectiveness of the purifier and also the supple if clean air in your rooms. 

  • Easy to adjust airflow speed and timing

Proton Pure allows you to define the speed of air circulation according to your preference. Along with this, the purifier also allows you to control its cooling action too. This means that you can turn on and turn off the purifier automatically by adjusting the desired time. This means that you do not have to get up in the middle of the night in case you want to turn it off, just make sure you adjust the desired time to do so. 

While many purifiers make noise during their operation which can be quite disturbing, Proton Pure is completely noise-free even while it is working on its highest settings. The sound released from the Proton Pure air cleaning purifier at the highest setting is much less than 30 decibels, which means that the operations will be as quiet as a library. So, you are free to enjoy the perks of the puffer without any kind of disturbance too.

  • Simple and Compact design

The shape of the Proton Pure filter is very compact and cylindrical. So, unlike the majority of the large-sized and bulky air purifiers, Proton Pure 3-step filter is an easy fit in almost all rooms and dos to hinder or affect the overall look of the room very much. Being small and compact, Proton Pure can be easily accommodated in any corner or tight space in your room. 

Proton Pure 3-step technology comes with an inbuilt 1500mA battery and it can be charged using a type-c charger. Being small and compact means you can easily transport the purifier wherever you want to. This means that you can carry the purifier with you on any of your trips if you like or easily from one room to another. 

Even if the Proton Pure purifier runs all day long, the energy used by it after being plugged in is very minimal. There is also no additional waste of electricity or power and it is also sure that the use of the purifier will not affect your electricity bill and show a huge surge. 

Proton Pure Advantages

Proton Pure Technical Facts

Proton Pure is an air purifier that is designed carefully so that it does not take up much of your space, unlike most of the purifiers that are available in the market, and also at the same time, gives you the best performance when it comes to top purification.

The Proton Pure air purifier is small in size and is easily transportable as it is equipped with a 1500mA battery. As it comes with an inbuilt battery, it can be both in coded and cordless mode.

The controls on the purifier can be managed easily as they are operated through the touch screen method. There are also indicators on the purifier to signal the time to change its filers and even while working at its highest point, Proton OPure air purifiers do not make any sound that is greater than 30 decibels.        

How Does This Proton Pure Three-Step Purification Process Work?

Proton Pure is one of the most effective air purifiers that are out in the market now. It is true that there are different types and brands of purifiers in the market but there are a few aspects that make Proton Pure stand out from the majority of these brands.

The main feature is its working principle which results in high efficiency. This principle is also the reason for its high effectiveness. 

The three-step purification process tackles place through the use of three different filters. The purifier makes use of three filters;

The mechanical filter is the filter that is responsible to catch comparatively larger particles and substances from the air. Along with clearing the air, the filter also helps in maintaining longer life than the other two filters that are placed inside the purifier. 

  • True High-Efficiency Particulate Air (True HEPA) Filter

This is the filter that is responsible for clearing the air from minute particulates. This second filer traps different substances that are generally very small in size, as small as 0.3 microns in size. In simple terms, this layer is the layer that is responsible for trapping substances like dust, pollen, and dander that is present in the air. 

These third failures target substances like chlorine, volatile organic compounds, smoke, and different forms of alcohol. Basically, this filter is also responsible for removing unwanted odors from your room and home. 

Along with these different filters, the purifier is also equipped with an inbuilt battery of 1500mA and also has indicators for letting you know the time to change the filters inside. 

Proton Pure Air Purifier

Why Do I Need This Portable Proton Pure?

As we are well aware, there are so many different particles and substances in the air that we breathe in, which are invisible to the naked eye. It is also true that a few of these substances can be harmful to our body like dust, pollen, or of that sort.

So, it is always good to breathe air that is free of such substances. That is where air purifiers come in handy. They help to purify the air by removing these unwanted substances and thereby provide a few benefits too. 

Using air purifiers like Proton Pure air filter have different benefits and a few of these benefits are listed below. 

  • Reduce the symptoms of asthma

The presence of unwanted particles like dust or pollen can be a great triggering factor for issues like asthma or breathing difficulty.

Using an effective air purifier like Proton Pure 3-step technology has the ability to remove these particles that can be harmful to the body. Also if you are someone who has pets like cats and dogs, air purifiers are a great way to get the hair of the animals, which can be a trigger, out of your way.           

  • Reduce the chance of airborne diseases

There are different illnesses that spread through the air, starting from the most common flu and from there to even more serious ones. Purifiers like Proton Pure, which have a HEPA filter are very effective in capturing these bacteria and viruses, thereby reducing the chances of spreading the disease further. It is very much useful in your home if any one of the family members comes down with a health condition. 

  • Remove unpleasant odors from the house

Different substances present in your home like benzene or gasoline have the tendency to break down at room temperature at times and this process gives off a gas that has a very distinctive smell.

Sometimes these smells can lead to different problems like nausea or difficulty breathing too. But an air purifier like Proton Pure air purifier has the ability to eliminate such odd small from your house and to purify the air. 

Proton Pure Customer Opinions And Experiences

The opinions of Proton Pure customers who have used the supplement are very important as it is their real experience with the product that you are trying to buy.

Looking into the different customer opinions of people who have bought Proton Pure, almost all of the opinions speak highly of the product and its working. There are also not many defects or drawbacks of the purifier mentioned in any of these opinions. 

Proton Pure Custom Reviews


I received Proton Pure as a gift from my sister and I had been using it for the past 5 months. There has been a significant change in the difficulty that I had in breathing earlier and also there is a clear noticeable change in the quality of the air in my house after starting to use Proton Pure. 


It was my friend Scott who recommended Proton Pure to me after noticing the off smell that was always present in my room. After starting to use the purifier, there is a significant reduction in the off-putting smell in my room. 


The dust and other particles in the air posed a serious problem for me while breathing as I had symptoms of asthma for quite some time. The decision to buy Proton Pure has helped me to breathe much more easily and efficiently

Proton Pure Customer Reviews

What Does Proton Pure Cost And Where To Buy?

So far, we have talked about the working principle, the technical side, and also the benefits of the air purifier, and the price details of the purifier are the next important factor. So, let’s have a look into the price entails of the air purifier and see if it is economical and pocket friendly. 

The makers of the air purifier provide 5 different options through which you can buy it. Each option comes with a specific offer in terms of the total price of the purifier. 

If you are buying a single Proton Pure air purifier, then it comes at a cost of $149.95. As for a set of 2 purifiers, each one comes at a rate of $142.46, making the grand total $284.91.

The set of 3 Proton Pure comes at a rate of $134.96 per piece and the total payment to be made will be $404.87. Similarly, the set of 4 Proton Pure comes at $127.46 per piece and the total amount to be paid will be $509.83.

The final set is a set of 5 Proton Pure where each piece comes at a rate of $119.96, making the total a sum of $599.80.

????1 Proton Pure – $149.95 

????Set of 2 Proton Pure –  $142.46 each – Grand Total – $284.91

????Set of 3 Proton Pure – $134.96 each – Grand Total – $404.87

????Set of 4 Proton Pure – $127.46 each – Grand Total – $509.83

????Set of 5 Proton Pure – $119.96 each – Grand Total – $599.80

If you are someone who is considering buying Proton Pure for your home, one thing that you should keep in mind is that Proton Pure is not available for sale on any other eCommerce website or retail stores but only through its official website.

So, if you want to get your hands on the authentic product make sure that you buy it from the official website rather than from any other sources. 

Is There Any Refund Policy Available In Proton Pure?

Proton Pure also provides its customers with a 30 days refund policy. According to its refund plan, any customer who is not satisfied with the working of the air purifier is free to return the product within 30 days of purchase.

After filing the return, you will receive the amount that you paid for the purifier, after reducing the charges of shipping and handling. The amount will be credited back to the source within 7 – 10 business days.

It should also be noted that in order for the purifier to be eligible for return, it should be in the same condition that you received it. If you have not received your refund within the said 7 – 10 business days, you are free to file a complaint at [email protected], which will be resolved at the earliest.  

Final Words On Proton Pure Reviews

Proton Pure is a highly efficient air purifier and through this Proton Pure review, we have looked into different aspects of the product in order to arrive at this conclusion.

Different areas of the purifier like its working principle, different standout features, and the benefits and also the price details have been discussed widely and have helped us to reach the conclusion that Proton Pure true HEPA filtration is a legit product that can be given a chance.

The majority of the claims made by the manufacturers were found to be true through different Proton Pure customer opinions and reviews, making the credibility of Proton Pure even more. So, if you are planning to buy an air purifier any time soon, then you can choose Proton Pure without much second thoughts but just make sure to buy it from the official website only.

The purchase of Proton Pure true HEPA filtration will never be a loss for you in any sense as the makers also offer a return policy within 30 days of the purchase, where you will also receive your money that is spent on the purifier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best place to put a Protton Pure air purifier?

As a suggestion, the best place to put the purifier is the room in which you spend most of your time. Also, if you are an asthma patient or have any kind of breathing difficulty, it is also better to keep the purifier on in the room in which you sleep at night. 

2. Does Proton Pure make any kind of noise?

Even while working at its highest efficiency, Proton Pure does not make any sound that is louder than 30 decibels. 

3. How will I know when to change the filter?

Proton Plus comes with an indicator that lights up when it is time to change the filter. 

4. Does Proton Pure 3-step process pump up the electricity bill?

No. Proton Pure air purifier makes use of minimal energy and even if it is left on throughout the night, there will be no sudden surge in your electricity bill. 

5. Is Proton Pure complete air purifier available in my local retail store?

No. Proton Pure is available for sale only through its official website and is not available for sale through any other eCommerce website or retail stores. 


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