During this time, schools and colleges went through periods of being closed and students had to learn remotely. Ruqqayah Zulkifal, a student who was in year 8 at the time of 2020 tells us “I still remember the first time it happened and there was a case in my class, so we all had to go home.” Many students had to frantically get out their laptops and phones and start joining teams or zoom. It was chaos. All homework and assignments were done online and sent to teachers. Meeting done every day to try and follow the schedule. It was unreal for many. At the start it seemed fun and different, but after a while it became the same routine. Some found it hard to learn like this, while others thought it was easier.

When schools finally opened, the learning environment was different from what it was before the pandemic. Social distance measures taken, and constant school closures had to happen. Students wore masks and stayed in their bubbles. It was something that was hard to get used to, but it worked out in the end.

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