He explained that influenza comes under viral fever and many patients that come to see him suffer from fever, and the second common symptom seen in such patients is cough.

He apprised that 92 percent of the patients suffer from fever, 86 percent suffer from cold, and 16 percent experience shortness of breath.

Kumar said that a person should consult the doctor if they observe the symptoms.

He added that the situation becomes fatal if the people get medicines directly from local chemist shops since antibiotics end up doing more harm.

He said that taking doses of antibiotics should be avoided in this regard.

Kumar added that one should wear a mask in crowded places. While coughing and sneezing, the mouth and nose should be covered completely.

Along with this, touching the eyes and nose repeatedly should be avoided since the virus enters the body through the hands.

He added that any medicine, even antibiotics should not be taken without consulting the doctor and special attention should be paid while consuming medicines.

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