Orange County residents will either have to show proof of being vaccinated or a recent negative coronavirus test before being allowed large indoor venues like the Honda Center and the Anaheim Convention Center after the June 15 statewide reopening. 

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On Friday, Secretary of the state Health and Human Services Agency, Dr. Mark Ghaly, again said nearly all restrictions would go away. 

But, indoor venues with more than 5,000 people will be required to check for vaccines or negative tests. 

”Greater than 5,000 individuals in an indoor venue, we are requiring — requiring — a vaccine verification or negative test,” Ghaly said during a Friday news briefing. “You can’t verify that by just wearing a mask.” 

Ghaly said the verification system will be recommended — not required — for outdoor venues with 10,000 or more people, like Angel Stadium. 

State officials originally announced an end to capacity restrictions on businesses and social distancing early last month. 

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“I’m going to be pretty simple and straightforward with this,” Ghaly said Friday. “We will not have capacity restrictions.”

Earlier this week, Ghaly also said the state would implement the CDC’s updated mask guidance when the June 15 reopening hits. 

The updated guidance allows for vaccinated people to ditch their masks, while keeping them for unvaccinated people indoors. 

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Ghaly said they’re working on guidelines for concert halls, sports arenas and other large indoor venues. 

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