COVID-19 hospitalizations at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center are at their highest in two months, with most of the people hospitalized at the Bangor facility coming from rural communities.

The 13 people hospitalized at EMMC as of Thursday is the highest number the hospital has seen since Feb. 9, when it was also treating 13 people, according to Northern Light data. Maine has more than quadrupled its number of vaccine doses administered since that time. The number of COVID-19 patients at the Bangor hospital had more than doubled in the past week.

The rise is in line with statewide trends: 123 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized in Maine hospitals as of Friday, the highest number since Feb. 8, according to Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention data. The spike in hospitalizations shows that the fight against the virus in Maine is far from over as more infectious variants emerge faster than Mainers are getting inoculated.

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