1. The seller identifies it as “a ‘Bass Brace’ strap lock on the bottom of the body”, but one would think (or, at least, *I* would think) that on a bass with an upper horn that extends to the 12th fret, neck dive should not be an issue to begin with. Draw your own conclusions.


  2. Being a huge Rush and Geddy Lee fan, that was not the first time that I heard a Wal bass, I believe it was in 1982 on Roxy Music’s Avalon album with Alan Spenner, followed by Rupert Hine produced albums by The Fixx (Dan K. Brown is awesome), and Peter Collins produced albums by Nik Kershaw, then, of course Rush! Though I love Geddy Lee’s Wal tone, it comes in second, just behind his Rickenbacker tone on albums Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Exit Stage Left, and Signals.


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  3. I believe that is a reversed headstock(not sure), cause there is this headstock, which looks to be strung normal.


  4. The Extended B was an option on custom builds. Not sure if they still offer it.


  5. If you go to the most recent Fodera “Newborn Gallery” (Fodera), 3 out of the first 12 basses shown have the extended B headstock, so I have to believe that it remains an option.


  6. I’ve seen that on a few other basses, but I don’t recall whether it is original on this bass.


  7. Agree with this fully. Although I love the bass sound of the mid to late 80s of Geddy, the Wal and small strings don't give that beefy bass growl I love. #1 bass tone though is def Counterparts which was back to the Jazz, some compression and flamenco style which I think he started using all the time around this time.


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