Product Description

Sove 10mg Tablet can be used to treat insomnia for a short period of time. It helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and wakes up frequently at late at night. This medication helps to maintain sleep and thus ensures restful sleep.

Sove 10mg Tablet is best taken with a full stomach. and preferably prior to going to go to bed. It is recommended to take the tablet every day to maintain a constant amount of medicine in the body. Use this medication in the dosage and time prescribed by your doctor since it can cause a habit. Don't abruptly stop taking it without consulting with your doctor since it could cause a worsening of your symptoms.

Common adverse effects of this medication include hallucinations, memory loss as well as headaches, agitation nausea, vomiting, vertigo vomiting, back pain. It can also cause stomach pain, fatigue, depression, and double vision. But, they are only temporary and will go away in their own time after a time. Consult your physician If you are experiencing discomfort or persist.

Sove 10mg Tablet can cause sleepiness and dizziness. Therefore, don't drive or do anything that requires concentration until you are aware of the effects of this medication and don't drink alcohol while taking it, as it could cause more dizziness. Inform your doctor if notice any changes in your mood or behavior, or if you experience new or worsening hallucinations, depression or suicidal thoughts when taking this medication.

Before you take Sove 10 mg Tablet be sure to inform your doctor of all other medications you're taking to allow your doctor to decide if taking this medication is appropriate for you. Talk to your doctor prior to taking this medication if suffer from kidney or liver problems. It is recommended to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol when using this medication. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are not advised to use this medication. If the need arises, consult your physician prior to making use of the medication.

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