DPH is what is in Benadryl. I’m not taking actual Benadryl, it’s a Walmart nighttime sleep aid syrup. Like NyQuil except the only active ingredient is DPH. I’ve seen some people claim it’s linked to dementia, but that appears to be in higher doses and long periods of time. If I take it 5 nights a week at 75-100mg, will I be alright? It’s very hard for me to fall asleep. I already take five 2.5mg melatonin gummies (any less does nothing) and klonopin at night (also wanting to get off that. Not worth it just for sleep). But DPH seems the be the best thing to make me fall asleep.

I’m just curious if anyone else does this or if anyone has talked to a doctor or read anything that says it’s unsafe or safe. I’m also just got prescribed Doxepin 10mg and am going to try that soon. Anyone have any luck with that?

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