A major review of Long Covid by the Health Information and Quality Authority has found that no definitely effective treatments have yet been identified.

It says that Long Covid is a complex condition involving a wide range of symptoms that can be debilitating and vary significantly from person to person.

The most common symptoms include fatigue, cognitive impairment, memory loss and confusion, loss of smell and shortness of breath.

The report says that although some people will experience an improvement in their symptoms over time, some can experience symptoms lasting years.

HIQA's review looked at 57 randomised controlled trials internationally that considered interventions for adults with symptoms of Long Covid.

A wide range of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions were identified, with most only examined in single studies.

These studies were generally small, had short follow-up periods and typically only included people who had symptoms for less than a year.

HIQA said that along with no definitively effective treatments identified, there was also limited reporting on the safety of these interventions.

Deputy Director of Health Technology Assessment at HIQA Michelle O'Neill said that a clear treatment pathway for Long Covid remains unknown.

She said that further research on the long-term safety and effectiveness of the interventions looked at in the review is required.

A better understanding of the pathophysiology of Long Covid would help researchers in designing more targeted help to address the complex nature of the condition, she said.

HIQA said that, in the meantime, healthcare professionals should provide a holistic, person-centered approach to the assessment and management of people with Long Covid.

There are hundreds of ongoing trials investigating potential interventions to manage the symptoms of Long Covid.

HIQA said that this may lead to further evidence regarding potentially safe and effective interventions.

A number of advocacy and charity organisations offer advice to people in Ireland with Long Covid and are contactable at longcovidadvocacyireland.com and longcovidkids.org.

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