China reports two COVID deaths for Jan. 7

China reported two new COVID-19 deaths in the mainland for Jan. 7, compared with three deaths a day earlier, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Sunday.

Reporting by Yingzhi Yang and Brenda Goh; Editing by William Mallard

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I find it hard to believe that many people died from Covid in China. This is surely a gross exaggeration. guy died for what in other coumtry , maybe covid vaccines Why do you send the same message multiple times? And why is this allowed? Twitter ? Missed a few noughts off the back of the quoted figure.

Riiight More like 2000. It is a flu.... Who cares Can't believe anything they say Stop pushing this fake scamdemic you corrupt, sellout, propaganda laden scum. Amen PeaceBeStill

China reports three COVID deaths for January 6China reported three new COVID-19 deaths in the mainland for Jan. 6, compared with five deaths a day earlier, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Saturday. I totally trust them, how many deaths at Uyghur slave camps? quick, shut the country down! China reports…….???

Actually there is no death, and no Covid at all in China Very believable 2 out of 1,4 billion. Seriously Reuters? 2 out of 1.4 Billion is not something to report. ??? With all of those infected? 2? Calling bull? here! How can the Chinese government expect anyone to believe a word it says when they produce a fantasy figure like this, which even its own people know is pure fantasy? Is it arrogance or just plain stupidity?


Chinese health authority adjusts COVID prevention and control measuresChina's main health authority on Friday adjusted COVID-19 prevention and control measures, saying it aimed to optimise clinical categorisation and treatment nearly a month after it scrapped a rigid zero-COVID policy. Hold on while I get a pencil to not write this down

2 van de hoeveel honderd miljoen? E quem pode ter certeza disso? 1.5 I guess ? You reporting China’s report is ? Depends on what you define as covid death. A person who has died with athlete's foot is also not died because of covid. 2 Yes and a cow is about to jump over the Moon ??? Lol~if you report the deaths like this, then the two deaths are who I know them ?

2 only fool's would believe that China will never be a trustworthy government XBB15 Covid-19 variant is another biological weapon Chinese communist intentionally released to the world. That’s the real reason they hide the data, specially they hide XBB15 data in China. They don’t want the rest of world finds out XBB15 was developed and released by them.

US/Canada reports 4,000 sudden, but perfectly normal NOT vaccine related heart/brain deaths.

Chinese Shoppers Haven’t Returned to Europe for Luxury Goods, Even as Covid Restrictions RelaxPrior to the pandemic, Chinese shoppers made 70 percent of their luxury purchases abroad. Now, not so much.

Nothing changed since 2020 I believe them!!! They misspelled “two thousand” It should be 3, because I known 3 elder died on 1/7. So sad. China never tell the truth ? ???????? Lol~if you report the deaths like this, then the two deaths I know them ? Uh huh. Sure. That's it. Lol

Chinese Traveling for Lunar New Year as COVID SurgesWith COVID-19 cases already increasing in China, millions of people are traveling home to visit relatives during the Lunar New Year, which began Saturday. The matrix has released a bonus covid round

Cause China has nothing to hide. ? Not trusting covid numbers makes you a covid denier how dare everyone here. Well just lie they will believe anything the CCP says...what do expect? I’m sure most people don’t believe this, but why do some people still believe covid emerged naturally. An irrelevant number in a country with a population of a billion people!

?? So you can multiply this several hundred times. Just saying. In…all of China? Oh shit ban the Chinese tourists quick ? 2 deaths out of 1.4 billion Chinese and as if no Chinese or human died daily before the Scamdemic ??

China suspends social media accounts of Covid policy criticsSocial media platform Weibo says it acted over personal attacks against Chinese Covid experts. The Rapture and the 2nd coming of Jesus will be happening soon. Repent for your sins, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and follow the 10 commandments. Everything else is deception. Read the Bible. China's death rate is 1/100th of UK. BBC's pimping of masks and lockdowns (half-assed) actually killed British people with a false sense of security. Don't expect BBC to tell the truth about China's extreme low death rate compared to NHS-equipped UK's high kill-rate. No different than the UK and USA.


Taiwan offers China help again to deal with COVID surgeTaiwan has again offered to provide China with assistance to help it deal with a surge in COVID-19 cases but Chinese authorities have not yet responded, official Taiwan media reported late on Thursday. Just acting Crazy province Just a joke.

That brings the official death toll to 5,269.The official death toll now stands at 5,267.The National Health Commission said it would add positive antigen tests as a diagnostic standard and adjust the criteria for discharging COVID patients from hospital.The 8 Best Kitchen Faucets With Pull-Down Sprayers That Make Cleanup a Breeze When the China’s lockdown was first put in place, it ended a wave of Chinese tourists visiting international capitals to splurge on designer brands.

Reporting by Yingzhi Yang and Brenda Goh; Editing by William Mallard Our Standards: .

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