Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk appeared for a Turning Point USA “Don’t Mandate Tour,” Owens offered some uniquely dangerous misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. Candace took a question from an audience member and responded, “I am a big believer that they intentionally killed people in hospitals during COVID.” First of all, Owens says “they” killed people without explaining who exactly “they” are.

Perhaps she means doctors, nurses, or even government officials, but since she doesn’t have proof of any of this, Candace has to keep it vague and say “they.” Owens went on to say that she had to go to the hospital during the pandemic for asthma treatment and that “breathing was not allowed.” These statements wouldn’t be so dangerous if they were coming from an unhinged person on a street corner, but Candace has a loyal following, and many of them are inclined to believe this nonsense she’s spewing.


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