Bravo’s beloved Below Deck Sailing Yacht glides onto our TV screens tonight at 8PM ET/PT, and we couldn’t be more ready to hop aboard and explore the gorgeous waters of Sardinia, Italy, once again with Captain Glenn Shephard at the helm. Season 4 promises to be the juiciest and potentially chaotic installment yet as franchise staples Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, First Officer Gary King and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae return. In addition to showcasing the crew’s expertise and flare for the dramatics, the trailer teases a potential love triangle among the three fan favorites that could ruin multiple friendships. Perhaps even more shocking that the yachties’ hookups is the condition of supposed super ship, Parsifal III.

From the engine not starting to dragging anchor to smoke pluming out of the aft deck, the luxury yacht seems to be in rough shape which could lead to many challenges ahead for Captain Glenn and his crew. This season’s newbies include Chef IIeisha Dell, Stew Lucy Edmunds, Stew Mads Herrera, Deckhand Alex Propson and Deckhand Chase Lemacks. All will have to find their footing aboard the malfunctioning Parsifal III. Even though you’ll have to wait till tonight to see them in action, Decider has an exclusive look at Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Season 4 premiere episode.

In this clip, we watch as a stressed Colin shows new deckies Alex and Chase around the lazarette, indicating where they should store equipment for various water activities. “I know how much I’ve got going on in the engine room. I’m not going to be able to help out on deck as much as anyone would like,” confides Colin to the cameras. Why does Colin have to be on deck more? Because Gary is not on board. Why is Gary not on board? He had COVID and is continuing to test positive long after his symptoms have abated.

We watch as Captain Glenn answers a call from Gary, who sadly tells him of another positive test result. “It’s like, I’m sleeping in my pillow…so I’m breathing out of my pillow if I do have Covid…then I’m just breathing in Covid and it’s just gonna be a domino effect,” says a frustrated Gary. “Yeah, I don’t think it works like that,” replies an amused Captain Glenn, who is clearly a man of science. When Gary inquires about the first charter, Captain Glenn drops a bomb on him: the engine won’t start and Parsifal III will have to remain docked. All this drama before the first group of charter guests steps on board? Tune in tonight at 8PM ET/PT on Bravo for the start of a memorable voyage.

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