Seasonal flu is far from gone with winter. According to experts it will last at least for the entire month of April. In fact, a season of ailments is still underway “extraordinary and violent“.

To weigh is not only the circulation of flu virusbut also that sinziale (respiratory). A mix which has led to a significant impact, both in terms of contagion what about hospitalizations.

Seasonal flu is far from gone with winter. Photo

Influence, where are we?

If in recent years, in these days, the flu season could be considered closed, this year it will last at least until the end of April” points out Massimo AndreoniScientific director Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit). According to the expert “the situation should be monitored to understand if we are dealing with a unique situation or if the current situation risks becoming more and more frequent“. The flu season this year marked the highest number of contagion in the lasts 23 years as certified by the data of theHigher Institute of Health (Iss).

It started early, at the 42nd week and not the usual 48th – explains Claudio Cricellipresident of the Italian Society of General Medicine (Simg) – to then reach a small and lasting high“. Evil’influenza continues “to keep quite high throughout the winter season. Now we observe a slow decline e progressivebut we are still above the epidemic threshold: if between adults e elderly people we only talk about 5.8 cases per 1000 inhabitantsfor i children it turns out very high“.

13 million infected

The numbers do the talking flu-like syndromes: at the end of March there was talk of about 13 million of citizens affected, a number set to increase until the end of April. “To be circulated – goes on Crickets however, it was not only the flu virus, especially that A compared to that B. But also many other similar ones: the Sars Cov-2il virus respiratory sincinziale, l’adenovirusthe one from cold“. The complications recorded, which were predominantly of type respiratory and which have mainly affected the elderly people. All elements that are indicative of the fact “that we need to increase the vaccination adherence rate” conclude Crickets.

Flu still throughout April: a mix of respiratory viruses in circulation. Photo Ansa/EPA Rayner Pena R.

The flu crossed a new milestone this week. With i 300 thousand infections registered between 27 March and 2 April, the threshold of 13 million cases Of flu-like syndromes since the beginning of the season. Figures and data from the last one establish it Epidemiological report InfluNet dell’Higher Institute of Health. A guy negative record it had never occurred since the InfluNet surveillance began.

The flu in children

The report photographs the slow descent of the curve of theinfluenza: in last 7 days the incidence was 5.1 cases per thousand compared to 5.8 the previous week. The most marked decline is observed in the children. In the 0-4 age group the incidence is equal to 15.38 cases per thousand; in that 5-14 years to 6.79; in the 15-64 age group at 4.90; in the over-65s to 2.33 cases per thousand. On the other hand, there is a marked drop in the circulation of flu viruses. Of the 661 samples analyzed by laboratories related to the network InfluNet72 (equal to 10.9%) tested positive for the flu virus; last week they were 15.8%.

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