Hyderabad : After a gap of three years, the Bathini Goud family has come forward to administer Fish medicine now known as 'Fish Prasadam', which helps in curing Asthma. People can avail this medicine at Exhibition Grounds on the occasion of Mrigashira Karte on June 9.

The Bathini Goud family from the Old City have been providing this medicine which the patients believed was helpful in curing Asthma and breathing disorders. The family with the help of government and several helping hands from social organisations takes up the programme on the occasion of 'Mrigashira Karti' in June every year. The herbal medicine in the form of a paste along with a Murrel fish is inserted into the patient's mouth, and if taken for three to four consecutive years, patients are believed to get free from asthma and other breathing disorders. Despite controversies surrounding the authenticity of the medicine several thousands of asthma patients throng the Exhibition Grounds to administer the medicine.

Bathini brothers informed that millions of people have visited the city from various parts of the country and have been free from asthma. They also said that this year Fish Prasadam is being prepared for about 2 lakh people at their residence in Doodhbowli. They also informed that they were in touch with the authorities of Exhibition Grounds and all the concerned departments like Municipal, Water, Transport, Electricity, Fisheries, especially the Police Department and also added that every year the government was providing full cooperation. A large number of people have already inquired through phone and emails on the fish prasadam.

Badrivishal Pannalal Pitti Trust Chairman Sharad B Pitti informed that a three day Mega Service camp would be organised for free distribution of food, buttermilk, biscuits and fresh drinking water.

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