(MASSACHUSETTS) With holiday parties behind us and the New Year just around the corner, it's time to start putting the health of you and your family first. For people with breathing issues or those recovering from a respiratory illness, spending time this winter in a salt cave or room may be helpful!


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Benefits of Salt Therapy

Humans have been using salt caves for beneficial health purposes for the past few hundred years after the benefits were discovered by Poland salt miners in the 1800s.

Halotherapy is "the inhalation of micronized dry salt within a chamber that mimics a salt cave environment." Some studies have suggested this form of salt intake can help those with breathing issues such as COPD.

According to functional medicine specialist Melissa Young, MD of the Cleveland Clinic, “breathing in the salt particles appears to thin mucus, which allows your cough to be more productive and makes it easier to get phlegm out,” Dr. Young continues, explaining, “it gets things moving. That’s often key for people with breathing issues.”

1) Just Breathe (Hyannis, MA)

Just Breathe, located in Hyannis, is a salt spa for humans that also offers "Mobile Halotherapy Pet Services for Dogs , Cats, and Horses"!

"Like humans, our pets suffer from airborne respiratory and skin issues as well, and Halotherapy can help!" - Just Breathe

2) Marc of Healing (Berkley, MA)

Located in Berkley, Marc of Healing invites you to immersive yourself in their custom-built dry salt observatory!

"Immerse yourself in our holistic dry salt observatory. Custom built with 8,000lbs of Salt and acoustical sound waves. Micronized salt particles are dispersed in the air from our state of the art Halotherapy device creating a microclimate designed to improve therapeutic respiratory issues, skin conditions & detoxification and general mental and whole body wellness." - Marc of Healing

3) Four Elements (Westport, MA)

Four Elements in Westpost offers a Salt Cave experience you'll never forget- yoga in a salt cave!

"What could be better than a healing, relaxing guided Yoga session? A healing, relaxing guided Yoga session in our amazing Salt Cave! Get the benefits of Yoga along with Halotherapy in these unique sessions." - Four Elements

4) Scituate Salt Cave (Scituate, MA)

Located in the quaint seaside town of Scituate, the Scituate Salt Cave offers 2 unique salt caves for visitors to choose from.

"We offer two beautifully constructed indoor salt caves, ranging in size to accommodate 2-12 guests. Recline on zero gravity chairs, or lay directly on the warmed, salted floor while you listen to peaceful ocean sounds and music, and inhale air infused with pharmaceutical-grade therapeutic salt." - Scituate Salt Caves

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