“Acute childhood pneumonia is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in infants worldwide”“, – says specialist Ronald Vargas, medical director of Pfizer.

Why is it important to avoid this disease in the pediatric population? “Today we have the opportunity to provide a high level of prevention through vaccination, which will help avoid morbidity and mortality, as well as put the patient at risk of developing a disease that can lead to hospitalization and ultimately death. This is the main reason why we must prevent this disease.“, reply.

He claims that we currently have the tools to prevent this. “It is very important to raise awareness for mothers so that they are aware of the children’s vaccination schedule, and if they have not been able to do this, since we know that the pandemic may have affected the children’s vaccination schedule, they can be aware of the campaigns. What can the health authority do?“, Add.

Is it contagious? “In principle no, a person suffering from pneumonia does not necessarily infect people who care for him or are around him”emphasize.

In addition, he recommends that the nutritional status of infants should not be neglected.

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