Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - June 17, 2022) - Canada-based mental wellbeing platform Breath+Fire announces its flagship programs for people going through transitional journeys. The program focuses on enabling people to identify their true selves by spending time looking inward. Breath+Fire also allows people to identify the gaps in their lives that are holding them back from becoming who they truly want to be.

Breath+Fire provides people with a wide range of services mainly designed for recovery and healing from different kinds of life experiences, including acute and ongoing grief, relationship concerns, career transitions, parenting issues, and more. Breath+Fire's unique recovery and wellbeing programs include Homecoming, one-to-one coaching, Return to Home, keynotes and workshops, and content creation.

"I often ask clients to describe the last time they felt like themselves. There's usually a long pause while they think about it. Sometimes they can't even remember. And I get that. For many people, it was decades ago. I think we're always in recovery from something. No matter what has happened to us, we're always living with and working through the trauma of our lives. But it can be better than that. Everyone can come home," says Michelle Hillier, founder of Breath+Fire.

The primary intention behind all of Hillier's programs is to guide and assist people in reflecting on their lives to develop an action plan for their next chapter. It encourages people to invest quality time in themselves. Every one of Breath+Fire's programs and services stresses the importance of both physical and emotional wellbeing in its activity-based workshops and training sessions. Every experience includes intentional movement, evidence-based mindfulness practices, and personal reflection.

"Whether you're just starting out on your journey to find your breath and ignite your fire or are looking to check in with yourself before determining what's next, we have something for you. Each program teaches and revisits the three As of awareness, acceptance, and action to help you find your way 'home,'" says Hillier.

Breath+Fire was founded on the idea that everyone can find their breath and ignite their fire again, no matter their life stage or what they're going through. Hillier is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and a trauma-informed movement educator who is currently in recovery. Hillier uses Breath+Fire to serve people from all walks of life and various demographics.

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