As a health editor, it's fair to say I have tried just about everything during my decade of living and breathing health-focused content. With Amazon Prime Day (July 11-12) being the buzzword of the day, I thought I would share a few of my favorite finds and the things I'll be buying. That said, I've also been scouring deals across all retailers to ensure the prices and deals really are the best. Below are the deals that are making my jaws drop and hit buy now.

But before I get started, if this is your first Prime Day event, you may also want to read my tips for shopping amazon prime day like a pro. If this is not your first Prime Day rodeo, then keep reading to learn about the deals I am loving this year; many of these products I own or will soon!

The Best Health-Related Prime Day Deals

Sun Bum

I’m starting off my recommendations the way we all should start our day, with sunscreen! Whether it’s the dead of winter or the cloudiest day in summer, sunscreen is a must. One of my absolute favorites, and the sunscreen I trust on my child’s skin, is Sun Bum, especially this mineral stick that is easy to apply, mess-free and perfect for slipping in my handbag or beach bag without fear of messy spills or bottom-of-my-bag explosions. All Sun Bum products are 104 Reef Act Compliant (Octinoxate & Oxybenzone Free to prevent coral bleaching), broad-spectrum natural sunscreens with UVA/UVB protection. BUY THIS!

$11 at Amazon


This deal has us all blown away. The Series 8 smartwatch is a health monitor like never before. Keep an eye on your blood oxygen, take a daily ECG, get notifications if you have an irregular heart rhythm, and while you are asleep, the watch is still watching after you by tracking how much time you spent in REM, core, or deep sleep. There's even crash and fall detection that can automatically connect you with emergency services, along with Emergency SOS options that provide urgent assistance with the press of a button. Then there are the hundreds of apps available for the Apple Watch from health to finance to calendar reminders and even music and news.

$279 at Amazon


This is a steal deal! Keppi's Foldable, adjustable workout weight bench press is perfect for full-body strength training. KEPPI has been specializing in developing and producing fitness equipment for more than ten years, and this is the newest upgrade to its line of benches. Designed with eight back adjustments, four seat adjustments and three foot adjustments for a full body workout. Also included are two resistance bands.

$107 at Amazon


This electric massager has two built-in heating zones, three Intensities: low, medium and high, and four deep kneading shiatsu massage nodes. How’s that for melting away the stress and strains of the day? “Best decision I’ve ever made,” says one reviewer, “Having a desk job, as most of us do, my entire back and neck get stiff. At the end of the day it is so nice to come home and treat myself to a massage. Feels sooooo good…”

$40 at Amazon


The OMRON Silver Upper Arm Monitor provides unlimited memory and stores 80 total blood pressure readings, to help you track your blood pressure over time. Its Advanced Accuracy function measures five times more data points than basic blood pressure systems for a more consistent and precise reading. The cuff inflates to 360° around the arm to ensure inflation over your brachial artery which reduces measurement errors. The Easy-Wrap ComFit cuff comfortably fits adult arms ranging from 9” to 17” in circumference.

$39 at Amazon


This product I stock in my house like Bandaids - I know I will need it and I will be so glad I already have it! A cult classic and Amazon’s highest-rated pain-relieving roll-on, Biofreeze has been a household staple for athletes worldwide for decades. This topical menthol-based pain reliever goes to work instantly to alleviate muscle and joint pain from arthritis, backaches, strains and sprains.

$19 at Amazon

Nature's Bounty

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D3 Softgels are non-GMO, gluten- and sugar-free, and contain no artificial colors or sweeteners. Each serving contains 2000 IU of Vitamin D to help support immune health, regulate T and B-lymphocytes and maintain bone density. If you’ve ever wanted sunshine in a bottle, this is for you. Of course, you should always consult your physician before adding any supplements to your daily routine.

$14 at Amazon


The iHealth PT3 thermometer’s built-in infrared temperature sensor can read a person’s body temperature within 1.18 inches from the center of the forehead without physical contact. Three ultra-sensitive infrared sensors capture over 100 data points per second for that work together to adjust for factors such as ambient temperature and measurement distance, ensuring high accuracy in every measurement, even in the dark. (Read: no need to wake up a sick child or partner in the middle of the night) ​​Each order comes with an iHealth PT3 thermometer, 2 AAA batteries, an Instruction manual, quick start guide and a worry-free 12-month warranty with friendly California-based customer service.

$16 at Amazon


Just becuse you can't afford ultra-expensive shoes with state-of-the-art arch supports, doesn't mean you can't still find the support you need at a cost you can afford. These Arch Support Orthotic Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis are a perfect example. Currently a lightning deal for Prime Day, these are a steal and well worth the $16 price tag!

$16 at Amazon

TheraICE Rx

Turn any space into a quiet, dark room with this 360° cooling migraine-relieving therapy mask. The soft gel design ensures a comfortable cooling experience and as an added bonus, this will depuff eyes and soothe tired eyes as well! The included reusable icepack is ready for use after just two hours in the freezer. Simply insert the ice pack, and slip over your head for mess-free, velcro-free relief. 

$22 at Amazon


The Exerpeutic Magnetic Flywheel Elliptical Trainer with Bluetooth for MyCloudFitness Tracking and Pulse Rate Grips is an exceptional deal for Prime Day. Offering a comfortable 13” ergonomic stride with a natural elliptical motion the precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive provide a smooth and quiet ride while 16-level tension provides a challenging workout for beginners to pros. The pulse rate reading handles help you ensure you're hitting your target heart rate throughout the workout!

$212 at Amazon


I own this. I love This. I couldn't garden without it. This adjustable back brace with lumbar support is the third of its kind I've owned and by far the best. I have a terrible back, and regularly get epidural shots. In between shots, and especially on days I'll be gardening, exercising or just cleaning the house, I put this brace on first knowing I will not have the pain during and after I would without it. If you too suffer from back strains, I cannot recommend this brace enough. 

$29 at Amazon


I am a huge fan of Skechers slip-on walking shoes. The shoes are stylish, come in loads of colors, easy to slip on when running out the door and if I find myself needing to run errands, or standing for hours, these shoes never leave my feet tired and aching. If you've never tried these shoes, I highly recommend giving them a try. Your feet will thank you!

$40 at Amazon

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