Published May 1, 2023

“~Virus-free human living environment with just X ONE”. ERGO HealthTech held the world’s first cleanest and safest film screening event on 22nd February 2023, celebrating this unprecedented “safest cinema” with the most popular movie in Hong Kong - “A Guilty Conscience”, which broke the box office record of all time. Hundreds of audiences holding X ONE, the world’s smallest, lightest and the most effective disinfector. With shimmery purple lights on, signifies that people’s germ-free walls have been built, together creating the historical and revolutionary “safest cinema”.

Some know, some don’t, and now we all must know the benefit of using human-safe 222nm Far-UVC.  We don’t have any luxury of waiting for air filtration, or air exchange to disable aerosolized viral particles.  Human-safe 222nm Far-UVC is the only technology doesn’t rely on air circulation to eliminate airborne viruses directly and effectively.


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Most of the disinfection products we found in the market are disinfectant sprays and 254nm UV light disinfectors. ERGO emphasises on users’ safety, advocating epidemic prevention products should all be absolutely ‘human-safe’ to be used in the long run. The founder of ERGO HealthTech Steve So promptly supplemented:’ Almost all epidemic prevention products either emit harmful UV light rays which could be detrimental to human health under exposure for an extended period of time; or they release a huge amount of chemicals that irritate the trachea in the breathing system, cause infection and ultimately lead to tracheitis.’ Experimental results illustrated the fact that conventional UV light with a wavelength of over 254nm can penetrate tear film of the eyes and stratum corneum of the skin, causing irreversible damage. There is also a fatal weakness of these disinfectors, that they need to be used intermittently. As these devices are unsafe and harmful to the human body, operation for a long period of time is prohibited. This put societal doubts on the effectiveness of such disinfectors, hence ERGO hopes to transform epidemic prevention products in the market, enforcing technology-created safe space for the public.

For this technology to be accessible by the public, ERGO initiated the X ONE project, aiming at delivering this technology to the public as soon as possible, to protect everyone from the pandemic with advanced technology. The idea and execution process of the project is inspired by Steve’s son, Justin, that “We need to make ONE device to help every Hong Kong people for their daily personal hygiene protection anywhere at the side. And it must be handy, pocket-sized, and affordable!”  Steve and Justin then, together, brainstormed the invention of a small but effective disinfector utilising this revolutionary technology, to create a germ-free environment whenever needed. Used in conjunction with Steve’s product design experience, he invented a reliable portable disinfector that can be served as the long-needed “weapon” by the public.

Honoured with multiple international design awards in 2022, X ONE is designed in Hong Kong and guaranteed. The founders tested and monitored the whole manufacturing process in China under compact and strict QC guidelines, from gadget selection and assembly to function and durability assurance with relevant world-class certifications, such as SGS, CE, FCC, RoHS…etc.. The debut of X ONE earned the title of the smallest, lightest, human-safe and most effective disinfector.

Steve’s and Justin’s ambitions do not stop at Covid era. Steve foresees the danger of global warming. Trapped ancient bacteria and viruses will be released as iceberg melts, and these viruses could be overwhelmingly harmful. 222nm Far-UVC effectively dismantles bacterial or viral structures, creating an adverse living environment for such germs. Even undiscovered germs can be eliminated without the help of vaccines, providing maximal immediate protection for humans.

At the film screening event, one of the audience reflected his excitement to Steve. The audience has lost hope in watching movies in cinema as masks are required at all times. Today, he witnessed far-UVC actively disinfecting the enclosed area, he took off his mask, and started enjoying his must-have popcorn while watching the movie. The success of “safest cinema” is just the start, Steve aims to spread this technology to all residents in Hong Kong, turning Hong Kong into a virus-free city progressively.

ERGO’s belief, practice and achievement were truly influential. The invention of X ONE gives everyone secure protection, and contributed a lot during the pandemic. The faith is not to fear viral invasion anymore, here right now, starting from Hong Kong.

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