Reiki is a century-old energy healing modality. Developed in Japan, the work reiki comes from two kanji, says reiki master teacher and sound healer Nicole Rutsch. In an exclusive interview with The List, Rutsch explains, “Rei means spiritual wisdom, and ki means life-force energy.” While ki is similar to other energies like prana or chi, Rutsch states that ki is “guided by spiritual consciousness and is defined as spiritually guided life energy.” 

“As you release negative thoughts and stress from your body with the energy of reiki, you restore, balance, and accelerate your body’s self-healing abilities, leaving you feeling energized and empowered,” Rutsch tells us. Although research on the efficacy of reiki is still emerging, one 2019 study suggests that reiki can reduce anxiety: it continues to gain ground in mainstream medicine as part of integrative and complementary mental health.

Traditionally, reiki practitioners see clients in person so they can transfer the healing energy of reiki with a gentle touch. But, Rutsch says practitioners can also send reiki healing energy through time and space with intention, as she does on the Alo Moves app. Enjoy Rutsch’s first-of-its-kind 7-day energy healing — a series of twice-daily meditations — or one of the many other mind-body offerings on Alo’s subscription app (14-day free trial available).

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