Influenza is a respiratory infection that is caused due to flu viruses. There are three types of influenza- A, B, and C. Influenza A and B are similar but influenza can spread easily from person to person. According to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, it is a myth that Type B influenza is mild, Both types A and B can cause severe symptoms.

Influenza B can be very contagious and cause life threatening complications if not treated on time. A person can contract the virus by coming into close contact with an already infected person or by touching a surface that the infected person has touched, then transferring the germs to their own mouth or nose.

Influenza types A and B are responsible for the flu epidemics that occur in the United States. Type C influenza causes a mild respiratory illness while type D mainly affects cattle, not humans.

Let’s have a look at the symptoms, treatment, and prevention for Influenza B.

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