Little 2-year-old Jayda was diagnosed with the flu. She and her mom, Shanquella Major, had just left the doctor’s office and were in their car at the drive-thru at the CVS Pharmacy® on Pamplico Highway in Florence, South Carolina.  Shanquella was picking up a prescription to help alleviate some of Jayda’s stuffiness.

“The thought crossed my mind that maybe I should do some other errands first, but the line moved quickly and I pulled up to the window,” says Shanquella. But within seconds, the young mother realized her little girl wasn’t breathing. “I grabbed Jayda, her eyes were rolled back, and her body was limp across the steering wheel. I started screaming.”

Inside the pharmacy, the staff could hear her panicked cries. Without hesitation they moved with lighting speed to help.

Pharmacy technician Timyra McAllister, who was manning the drive-thru window, quickly told Shanquella to pass Jayda through the window. Stacy Wright, lead pharmacy technician, took the toddler from Timyra and rushed her life-less body to Kathy Smith, a 30-year pharmacist with CVS Health.

“There was no breath, her lips were blue,” Kathy explains. “I put her on the ground and did a couple of chest compressions. There was no response. I blew into her mouth, still no response. So, I repeated chest compressions and blew into her mouth again.”

The second round of rescue breathing cleared the air passageway and Jayda’s chest lifted. “It felt like a Lazarus moment,” says Kathy. “She opened her eyes and looked at me, clearly scared. She didn’t know where she was, but we were all relieved.”

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