Learning when to say ‘no’ is a good way to protect your mental health. If I’ve had a busy or stressful week, I plug into my breath and combine it with movement or sound and affirmations. My other great teacher is being in nature. I live in the countryside and, if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I take myself down to the stream or into the forest to rewire my nervous system. I have good boundaries and am much better at saying no than I used to be – doing too much is the simplest way to become overwhelmed. I am a social being, but I also crave solitude. My work means I hold space for a lot of people, so I make sure I have time to decompress. It’s important we put our own oxygen mask on first. 

I regularly book acupuncture and energy healing. The world is saturated with wellness practitioners. Thankfully, over the years I’ve discovered some world class therapists who helped me be where I am today. Wendy Mandy is a shaman and acupuncturist – I’ve been seeing her for over ten years. Her book, This Way Up, is a must read. Gill Steer is another exceptional therapist. Her therapy, Body Memory Therapy, is life changing. When someone walks out of her room for the first time, it’s always brilliant to see as they can’t believe what just happened. She reads the body like no-one I know. 

Getting quality sleep is crucial for wellbeing. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I really feel it the following day. Like a lot of women my age, I definitely sleep better in my own home, whereas when I was younger, I could sleep anywhere. I love Norfolk Natural Living’s pillow mist and Abeja Reyna’s rose spray – they instantly make me feel sleepy. I always sleep with the window open and have a strict no screens before bedtime rule, which really makes a difference.  

For more from Rebecca or to book a session visit BreathingTree.co.uk. Breathwork workshops carried out by Rebecca will also be shown at the Screen on The Canal, Kings Cross’ annual open-air film festival, throughout the summer. Visit KingsCross.co.uk for more information.


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